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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. AvijitSingh
    So many choices how do you decide I want to get a 4.4 and maybe a 2.5 cable
  2. snip3r77
    Using for my Massdrop Plus. It's 0.78 right?
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
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  4. hakuzen
    i don't own massdrop plus, but yes, the holes look huge, and some people report loose cables/fit. so get 0.78mm
  5. Returnity
    Thanks @hakuzen for pointing out this thread to me. Amazing source for budget cables for someone who just cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on cables!

    I already have the cheaper 8-core NICEHCK copper cable on preorder but this year I aim to cover all my cable needs in as much as possible combinations. Was looking for a pure silver cable but seems like they are not as "pure" as they claim to be, LOL.

    Yesterday I just noticed that KZ has a lightning cable for both MMCX and 2pin. Anyone tried them yet? I'll probably get the 2pin version just for the convenience.
  6. hakuzen
    well, those made with:
    have a high chance of being pure silver. price and specs say so..
  7. Geared4me
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  8. -rowan-
    Great thread! Good timing too. Tempted to spring for a few of these come 11.11.

    In the meantime, I'd appreciate it if anyone can provide sound impressions for any of the cables in this thread as well. :)

    I'll take a stab at the Penon OS849, which I'm currently enjoying very much... bit spendy compared to most of the other recs here but still cheap and cheerful compared to the big boys, in addition to being a clear upgrade to most stock cables.

    I've used a few cheapo SPC cables in the past, and the OS849 just brings more sparkle and air to the mix. It also sounds way more natural. Big, warm but reasonably tight bass from the copper.

    Some quick takes:

    : Cleans up the slightly veiled mids of the stock cable nicely. Smooths out the bass more than I would like, but that's just personal preference and I probably wouldn't even have noticed it if the S-EM9 wasn't so crazy detailed.

    iSine 20: The best pairing I've heard yet. I didn't know the iSine 20 was capable of such natural-sounding mids. They were so honky with the stock cable. This cable practically saved them from the auction block.

    Massdrop Plus: Another good pairing. These work well with spiral dots to coax more air and sparkle out of the MD+.
  9. AvijitSingh
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    What do the measurement numbers mean? I'm not an electrician type person.

    Is this the NICEHCK cable you're talking about that is better than the TRN 8 core new cables for $11?

  11. hakuzen
    this is (0.05mm*20 OCC)*8cores + (0.05mm*12 SPC)*8cores. the only "mixed" cable i bought, used one type of wire for signal (or hot, when balanced) and the other type for ground (or cold, when balanced).
    guess it should use both types of wire for each signal (this has more sense for me), so i've not tried more mixed cables.
    if it used 2 cores of OCC + 2 cores of SPC for each signal, this cable would be equivalent to 26awg per signal. around 180-190mΩ. not bad.

    sound impressions of cables. i've measured frequency response of same iems when using different cables, and the only noticeable difference is overall volume (higher when better conductivity of the cable). so about tonality, no difference at all.
    i want to measure and compare distortion at different frequencies when using pure copper, pure silver, and low quality cables. and hope we can find here significant differences. this would explain why the sound looks thinner with silver.
    and that's why i'm looking for a quality pure silver cable. when measurements and comparison is done, i'll be able to talk about sound with cables.
    anyway, my impression is i sometimes get sound issues with bad quality cables when using high resolution clear iems; better cables seem not degrading these iems capabilities. when using pure silver, sound seems to be slightly thinner.
    till i get conclusions, my criteria to choose cables is: conductivity (as a symptom of quality of wire, plus, and solders), quality of build construction (plugs, strain reliefs..; for maintenance and durability), softness, flexibility, ear-guides, chin slider (comfort and microphonics), look (glamour always).

    about 2nd cable, you know my opinion. about 1st cable, i don't know. but i got the "6N frozen" copper cable for LZ, and didn't like it too much. i'm going to try this instead. because it looks similar to one i liked very much in that segment of SPC cables: number 52 (silver color one) of my list of kz cables; good repairable jack and plugs, progressive strain reliefs, good conductivity, mmcx/2pin 3.5, 2.5, and 4mm available.
    about the new fiio cable, i don't know. guess you get better quality control, but sure it would be more expensive than the equivalent chi-cables we are discussing.

    sorry. numbers are mΩ. resistivity, opposite to conductivity. read my bold sentence above.
    yes. any of the types (colors) of your link is better than the new trn 8 cores cable (you pay 2x, but still budget, and you get better cable).
    the trn isn't bad, and quite better than old cheap <$10 upgrades. wire is good, but there is something weird in the solders of the jack: 2 cores should be used for each signal/ground, but they used only 1 core for left signal, and 3 cores for left ground (in 3.5mm jack) or right cold (in 2.5mm jack). trn should check how their operators are soldering the jacks (tried 3.5mm and 2.5mm, and both were wrong).
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  12. Slater
    It should be easy enough to resolder the TRN 8-core and redistribute the cores evenly.
  13. hakuzen
    sure. but many users can't do that. and many others would find paying $7 a better deal.
    i'm trying to open the jack to check the solders, no success. color of the sleeves are gorgeous, specially the silver (shiny grey) + black.
    this is why i appreciate repairable plugs..
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  14. Slater
    I totally agree. Repairable plugs are great!

    Just like a headphone that uses standard ear pads that the user can change themselves with 3rd party pads. I really dislike headphones with non-removable pads, or pads that are proprietary :frowning2:
  15. Redcarmoose
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