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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    there are only 3 ali shops selling that pure silver cable, 2 banned, and DD-Audio Store (which only sells the 4 cores version)..
    the matrix is lunashops and its shops in ali.

    you can find all the variants of the cable (gold/copper color or mixed, 8cores/4cores, ear molded or not, neutrik or eidolic styled plugs, etc) here, but it's more expensive.
    the wire used is this. 7N OCC Silver 0.05mm*48(OD:1.2mm) UV-PVC coated.

    i ordered the pure silver 8 cores (2.5mm balanced plug) at the cheapest shop about one month ago. he sent me a 4 cores cable which uses different wire, instead.
    this is the type of cable i received [the link belongs to another shop].
    99.9% pure silver 0.05mm*50 + 45*0.05mm Shield + insulator (OD:1.5mm) *4 cores, TPU coated. measured 137(L+), 136(R+), 131(L-), 139(R-) mΩ DC resistance. enough good thick silver cable, but the cable i ordered should be better.
    had to open a dispute, and to bargain with the seller to avoid returning back the cable. bad experience, guess the seller mistake was intended; it's not the first time he tries to cheat. i'll try to get the cable i wanted at 11.11.

    if i were you, i'd aim to the 7N OCC (pure copper) 4 thick cores cable, sold by many ali shops, instead of any mixed copper/silver.
    wire used: 0.1mm*63(equivalent to 20awg) (OD:1.5mm) *4 cores.
    it's superb. measures 57(L+), 59(R+), 53(L-), 64(R-) mΩ DC resistance. very difficult to beat that, it indicates the quality of wire, plugs, and solders.

    and i'd get some of these budget cables (in this color, the wire is different in other color versions):

    please, mate, i need your advise to decide to get toneking t88k at 11.11. it's a big spend, and would like to know further impressions from you; i know you need time to elaborate your desired review; i only need some confirmation of it is worth it while owning t4 and FLC8s (noticed you ranked t88k above flc8s: notable difference?).
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  2. hakuzen
    btw, i measured the lz cable:

    dc resistance: 240 240 240 300 mΩ.
    expected better result from a "6N frozen single crystal copper" wire, and from these chinese plugs.
    240mΩ is at the high side of these kind of cables. the good part is that it was exactly the same so exact for L+, R+ and L- (but different to R- :/).
    hope the new cable which looks similar to this will be better.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
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  3. aspire5550

    Do you mind sharing some links of the cable you shared in the 2 pics? thanks. :)
  4. hakuzen
    the budget one is from NiceHCK. it's on pre-order for 11.11 now:

    the expensive 7N OCC thick copper one is easy to find. many ali shops list it, banned shops included. you can also find it in lunashops, of course.
    just search for "7n occ" and "alloy pure copper"
    for example:
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
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  5. aspire5550
    Cheers mate, btw i think your post on the KZ thread about the cable's dc resistance should be re=posted in this thread. :)
  6. hakuzen
    posted a link to it a few pages above.. but i'll leave that post in KZ thread, and will post here a new one, with value (cheap or expensive but bang for the buck) mmcx/2-pin/ath2-pin/headphones cables with measurements and characteristics (structure, pics..), when i get time for it.
  7. Wiljen
    I have my doubts on some of the pure silver claims.

    1st - with the cost of silver per ounce some of these would have to be losing money.
    2nd - Silver needs to be alloyed with something in order to be malleable and not crack when bent. I know it can be made as hair thin strands as one way to avoid this, but the cost of that manufacturing technique then also has to be factored in.
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  8. thejoker13
    You speak the truth! I have several of the "pure silver" cables from the banned store etc, that cost me around 60.00. I truly believe they're only silver plated because of their appearance and sonics. I did buy the oure silver cable with the awesome pkufs from okcsc for around 200.00 and I believe they're truly pure silver. I still like the cheaper ones, but I don't believe them at all concerning the materials used.
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  9. thejoker13
    Hey buddy, great post! I will respond and try and answer you this evening. I'm traveling home right now and writing on my mobile is difficult.
  10. hakuzen
    anyway, they sell rolls, and there are several methods to verify the material surely. if you find the roll which a cable is made of, you can bet the material (copper/silver) is ok. another matter is the pureness. and the total section.
    if the quiz is related to conductivity, silver is a bit more conductive, but you get more when using a thicker copper (cheaper).
    if the quiz was related to other properties of the material which affect the sound.. well, this should be demonstrated first.
    the intention of my pursue of silver cables is to find out some first hand lights about this; i'm fully satisfied with my decent copper cables.

    thank you so much. don't worry, not in a hurry: many days already left to 11.11. i only wish a short brief comparative from you (i usually find your opinion clear and revealing), to get an idea of what i'd get with t88k or t66s. you can PM, if you prefer. thanks!
  11. AvijitSingh
  12. hakuzen
    i don't own 2nd cable, only the 1st one.
    the plugs (jack and mmcx/2pin) are surely better quality in 2. if you get solder or cable problems around the jacks and plugs, i bet the reparation is way easier in cable 2 (good size -enough room- threaded plugs); i've tried to unscrew any plug in cable 1; not easy, even using pliers; i call it the "slim" cable in my notes, not due to the wire, but the plugs.
    the wire is probably different, although looking the same in the out because they use similar jacket. but cable 2 has measured great conductivity and its price is 1/3th.

    i've even asked Jim to measure cable 1, lol. because i recently got the "6N frozen copper" cable (also similar jacket to these both), and it has worse conductivity than the cheap one.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  13. snip3r77
    can you recommend an mmcx sub$10 that measures well?
  14. snip3r77
  15. hakuzen
    standard should be 0.78mm, but every 2-pin iems i got (kz and non-kz) go better with 0.75. this is even too wide for flc8s.
    which 2-pin iem do you plan to use? in case of doubt, go for 0.75mm.

    i measured that new trn cable, <$10, and edited my cables post in kz thread.
    (56) trn spc+copper 8c (black+silver,2.5mm)..............423 219 289 150
    .......trn spc+copper 8c (yellow+silver).........................454 219 135 267
    this indicates that the wire used is good enough, but plugs and/or solders are not so good. hence the big difference between left and the rest.
    not bad cable, i could say it's the best <$10. but i'd prefer to invest a bit more for the new nicehck slim one (posted above).
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