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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am considering trying out their S16. I have a feeling that will be a good cable. I like silver coatings on copper. Due to the thicker cores and the amount of materials used. In theory should provide the best balanced of detail and more fullness in sound to the earphones they are attached to.

    I do notice an increased thicker sound on the several IEMs I have tried the C16. This was the reason why I was suggesting this cable for V shaped sounding IEMs that need a boost in the mids. It does affect the mids and bass more than the treble end. The C16 should be more treble mids and not so much bass effect. Then it might tighten the bass end a touch. Wont know till someone reports the sound effects.
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  2. kingdixon

    Its 130 on hakuzen list pinned on first page for measurments
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  3. Wazari
    Thanks for the reply and the information you gave, I'll look further into it!
  4. gwertheim
    Any nice cables worth getting during the vday sale on AliExpress?
  5. ddmt
    Too bad C16 doesn't come with 4.4mm connector. Already emailed penon about this but they are still on CNY holiday.
    I want a cable for my KPE, the NiceHCK GC-OCC is really bad with anything I have.
  6. superuser1
    How do you mean the NiceHCK GC-OCC cables are really bad? I have heard otherwise from a lot of people including @hakuzen
  7. ddmt
    Not bad, it just increases the brightness (too much) of any IEM I have. I have the mmcx (tried it with DM6) & 2-pin (tried it with Kanas Pro).
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  8. subwoof3r
    Is it possible to measure how much the diameter between the red arrows please? I'm interested for a DIY earbud projet (so basically, I will unfortunately cut the MMCX connectors, like all my MMXC cables)
    Many thanks :)

  9. Lucser
    I have the Massdrop Nuforce EDC3 that use a 2pin connector. I’m looking for a spare cable, if possible better than the original one, but I could not find one with similar connector. I know there are plenty cables with 2 pin connector but on the original one the pins are a bit recessed in the plug case so that the plug case provide guidance for proper plug direction and probably also some reinforcement.
    If someone could recommend a cable with similar quality and compatible plugs will be great. Considering that these are 99 usdcome with a nice case and 2cables, the price for the spare cable is to be competitive otherwise may be more reasonable to buy another iem entirely.
  10. gwertheim
    Is there anything wrong with Yinyoo cables, anyone use em before?
  11. superuser1
    Nothing wrong but the seller is banned on headfi
  12. gwertheim
    Why is that?
  13. geagle
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  14. gwertheim
  15. Animagus
    Yo! I got the ISN Audio C16 16 Shares 19 Cores Single Crystal Copper Cable. It measures roughly around 100-130mΩ (My multimeter is acting up a little, so couldn't get exact specific values). It is so fat that it looks like a small snake. LOL :D

    ISN Single Crsytal Copper.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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