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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Broquen
    Just ordered 3 cables to EA to use with ES100 or other Bluetooth adapters (45cm. each cable), looking for versatility. One pure copper (UPOCC litz), one mixed with same copper plus AuAg alloy, and one with pure AuAg alloy.

    All three use same mmcx and 2.5mm. plugs, so only difference will be the conductor material (great to compare and find the best match for every mmcx IEM in my collection :) )

    Can't wait for them to arrive !
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  2. jithu215
    By the looks of this cable for 35 dollars i think these are good value.Looks like nice hck c4 1 cable but maybe different material. Screenshot_2019-12-10-00-32-06-58_57e717c094f371a1dada6567a1123b99.png Screenshot_2019-12-10-00-24-58-41_57e717c094f371a1dada6567a1123b99.png
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  3. jithu215
    Oh wait the same one for 98 dollars from other seller. Am i looking at the cable deal of the year? Screenshot_2019-12-10-00-46-45-32_57e717c094f371a1dada6567a1123b99.png
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  4. AlanU
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  5. fokta
    Support your Local...

    Just want to share.... was trying local cable, VERUS Ref2 pair to SOLARIS and DX221Mk2.
    The cable is 2 strand 25 AWG UP-OCC LITZ SPC 3.5 TRS. The cable main highlight is transparent... compare to Slitz 3.5(Solaris Original Cable), is that the VERUS Ref 2 more emphasize on Mid Bass and Vocal (more Coherent side). while SLitz better in High especially upper high (wide soundstage, Spark & clarity).

    Conductivity : 315...316...315... 1,034 mOhm.
    Yeah, some issued with the R-, will asked the local seller to fixed it
    With the price < USD 100.

    edit : based on the seller info, it was 25 AWG UP-OCC LITZ SPC... my bad..

    edit 2 : additional ALO Super Litz 3.5 SE conductivity : 154.3...199,9...148...187,1 mOhm
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    DSC06812.JPG DSC06815.JPG DSC06816.JPG My new 175 stunning looking.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    DSC06813.JPG DSC06817.JPG DSC06814.JPG I have no idea what cable this one is. But it looks damn nice. Gonna test em out.
  8. superuser1
    Where did you order this from?
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  10. frapp2latte
    Nice! Very pretty, indeed. Let us know what you think of both cables. :relaxed:
  11. J_3000
    Can someone recommend a good mmcx 2.5mm balanced short cable? Thank you!
  12. Krassi
    Finally got my mmcx/3,5 adapters! from aliexpress of course with no custom trouble..
    Thanks to Hakuzen for showing me this alternativ e to the usual crap adapters yopu get i will throw my crap adapter with pleasure in the toilet today :wink:

    And a absoluty nonsense but awesome looking 8core silver plated usb cable :wink:


    !!!!!!!!!!!!Oh please beware of SUPERBY Proxy Service from China!!!!!!!! I had a loooooooooot of trouble and everything is lost now.
    Those Liars have cost me 2 times shipping and 3 months time ...and 2x those adapters that are now destroyed... ;( ..and never stop lying to me thats whats so sad.

    first parcel was not handles by customs and on the second did they write 228euros value on it and i should pay 70 euros for the 28 euro adapters inside
    The nice thing.. today they told me "oh sorry the parcel will be disposed after 4 weeks, sorry".. well its fun that they never mentioned this.

    The fun fact. i told dhl express personally to send it back.. and Superbuy told dhl afterwards to dispose of it and lie to me now..
    So NEVER EVER use this service !! cost me 70 euros to know this... i am so stupid not to order directly from taobao ;(
  13. J4R01
    Can someone help me with choosing a new cable for my Ikko OH10? I like the cable it came with (what it says about it: "High purity OFC silver-plated cable, both high frequency extension and low frequency strength").
    Since the Ikko are more of a fun V shaped IEM, I'm looking for something more neutral without losing too much of the bass but that could enhanced the mids a little. I'm confused with all the cable on AE (and all the differences between Copper, Silver, Hybrid etc.)
    This is some of the cables I found but not sure if they will get me what I'm looking for:

    If you have other recommendations, feel free to send it to me. I would want to stay under $30.
    Thank you very much for your help.
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  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    the 175 has a wow factor to it. Just crazy good sound from this cable. I see why these have become the favorite on this thread. Stage sounds wider to me using my Solaris. it is more reference sounding meaning it leans more toward the detail aspect of the tuning more so than any other cable I have tried thus far on it. Probably the silver portion of the cable having more influence here. The widest stage I have heard yet using any of my other cables. I havent had too much time using the cables but I am glad I finally got on the 175 wagon. Most definitely worth the money paid for them.

    The 177 from the brief listen I got in using my H40. Oh by the way. ISN which is a cable maker which sells out of penonaudio.com has a new iem in the market. Their first actually. Is an outstanding hybrid iem which I can whole heartedly recommend to headfiers for the $195 price point. I wrote a review for them here

    Back to the 177. They are more a UPOCC copper variety mxed with another type of copper hybid infused with some silver in it. Has more copper flavor of sound vs the 175. Adds more depth to the sound vs a wider stage like the 175. I feel this cable is the yin to the 175s yang. Dynamics seems more enhanced with this cable due to the slighter depth enhancement. Again I havent tried this or the 175 for too long. Will report back with more thoughts once I get used to how they mesh with my iems. I have the 177 with my Andromeda S and it has never sounded deeper actually which adds to the immersion factor on that phone.
  15. SilverEars
    Any opinions about Fearless iem cable that comes with S8F or pro? Is there a way to purchase it separately? Who makes the cable? Linsoul?
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