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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. SupperTime
    Looking for *best*. 2pin. 2.5mm balanced cable for my iem.
    Looking for value,budget. Please help, I'm not picky but I do want it to be the better of the bunch available
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    How much can you spend? Reason I ask because you can get a good value cable and there is a bunch out there. Better question how much are you willing to spend.
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  3. SupperTime
    I guess between 40 and 80

    I have an ares 2 in 3.5mm id love to sell or trade

    Need a 2.5mm balanced, 2 pin. Iem cable
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Another question. What earphones are you trying to get the cable for.? What type of sound does it have. Reason I ask is you can really do 2 different type of cables. One based on detail or one based on fullness and warmth. Depending on the sound signature your trying to find to synergize with your phone. if you want an all around great balanced cable with good balance and detail. This is a good start and it wont cost you much. I recently got this cable and it is excellent. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000009633191.html?spm=a2g1y.12024536.productList_48890756.subject_5 You can read about this cable number 196 on Hakuzens cable list thread here .https://www.head-fi.org/threads/resistance-of-cables-pics-comments-and-links.907998/page-14
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  5. superuser1
    Did you get one of them 196s?
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya I recently got it. Excellent cable. It doesn't have the resolving power of the higher end UPOCC cables but it is nicely balanced and gives good detail. Definitely worth the money for certain. I have been using it on my IT01s with excellent results. Sound seems wider using this cable. I like it.
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  7. SupperTime
    Looking for warmth and fulness,
    Looking for ebay or Amazon purchase
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    I would definitely go pure copper variety. This cable just came out on Penon. I will eventually get a set but I bet this is the type of cable your looking for. I would try something like this one.

    Penon is good people and if you got paypal they accept paypal so easy purchasing. They ship fast too. I would try this one.
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  9. LumisP
    I actually didn't think of that as a possibility. Though I don't really have spare cables (unattached to any IEMs) at the moment, so maybe this could be an option for the future. Or...I could always get a cheap 2pin and use the adaptor.
  10. hakuzen
    i started buying ATH terminated cables at the beginning, but the offer was very limited and not great deals.
    as you are going to own various earphones/headphones surely, you can invest in one or few quality cables, plus adapters, instead of many low quality non-interchangeable cables.
    this is very versatile, because sinergy between cable and phones is important. if you buy a cable which doesn't match with specific phones, you can probably use it with other phones.
  11. mxxl
    Anyone know of a good cable with angled mmcx connectors to replace the stock er2xr cable? Obviously has to be light due to not being over ear
  12. Palash
    This one looks very similar toISN Audio C4.
  13. subwoof3r
    ISN Audio C4 ordered! (from Penonaudio)
    I will make a review, and make a comparison with ISN Audio S4 :)

    The wires looks different I would say.
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  14. Desolate182
    Hey guys, first (of hopefully many helpful) post/s here, but firstly I am in need of some help myself.

    I'm looking for a 4.4 balanced to replace my 2.4s but after a recent DAC/Amp purchase the bank is almost dry, so I come here with high hopes and one primary question.

    Does anyone know about this brand or cable and why I should or should not buy it (it seems too good to be true for the price tbh), any opinions or even alternate recommendations? Thanks in advanced.

    This is the cable https://www.amazon.com.au/OKCSC-Rep...mmcx+cable+4.4mm+8+core&qid=1574278672&sr=8-2
    I should add a much wanted factor is delivery by December 1st...ish.
    My go to would normally be the FIIO LC-4.4C at twice the price (I have the 2.4) it's a tad much at the moment, honestly even this 50+ cable pretty much breaks the bank right now.

    Using the Fiio FH-5 currently (grill removal modded with spinfit cp-240s)

    Also please let me know if I have broken any rules with this first post, Newby here and all.
    Happy jamming.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    I own that cable. It is a good cable. That company makes some really good cables but is not as prolithic as some of the other Chi fi cables. That particular cable looks nice but has 0% gold on the plating. More like gold paint on copper. So what your actually getting is the sound properties of copper and not much. Which is not a bad thing. Should be a good cable for you not to mention add a bit of bling. I bought mine from Aliexpress during sales for about $40. Not a bad cable but for the FH5. You should look into a SPC or silver plated copper cable to get some better defintion to the sonics of your phone.
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