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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    You know your in the rabbit hole when you end up spending more on cables than earphones during 11.11 sales. Lol!

    Speaking of sales. I am 100% certain there will be another sales on Aliexpress during black friday.
    There was more cables I wanted to try but you gotta ask yourself. Do I need another cable.?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  2. CobraMan
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  3. hakuzen
    my comments about nicehck 6n up-occ copper and silver litz mixed. cable 210:
    was impressed with the bass. my favorite bass cable. and it isn't warm/dark at all. very good mids and highs as well (although the stellar level of highs in AgAu wire is difficult to achieve).
    i'd love to mix this with AgAu wire. best bass and best treble together.
    the only con was resistance. i'm afraid the heavy litz wasn't completely removed in the contacts. but the amazing sound you get compensates it.
    if the silver plated is same level, i'd like to try it.

    my comments about 6n occ hybrid budget cable from electro acousti. cable 196.
    it's a great cable for that price. good bass, but also airier treble than usual copper cables.
    the sound stage doesn't have the depth of up-occ wires, nor so black background. but it's much less expensive and a nice option for cheaper iem.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Got that black cable on my Andromeda S. Which has become my test iem for higher end cables. 210 cables seems to have a bit more warmth to the sound vs the SPC black version. I can tell the evidence of silver and the treble shimmers a bit more so over the 210. Bass is actually similar to the 210 as well but I want to say it is a touch tighter sounding. Definition is about as good as it gets.

    AndromedaS has a very nice balanced tuning with 5 high end BAs and fairly high sensitivity so cable changes does affect tonality, detail, bass impact and even imaging. Does it change the sound tuning? No. Graphs arent gonna show me what I hear in these aspects.. Both cables sound great with the Andro S but I think I prefer 210 on it over the SPC version. It is nice to have both to change up characteristics a touch.

    I havent gotten a chance to listen to my AndroS as much with this new cable so I will chime in once I get used to the new cable on it. Will do a better comparison on my review of the cables.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  5. Krassi
    i have been using cable 175 for a short time and its simply amazing!
    compared to 174 everything sounds much fuller and rounder.. treble is amazing and never so much that it can get too much. Still 174 has that extra touch more in the higher end.
    more versatile and compatible with any music that i listen.

    Vocals are very gentle and clear, bass is slamming very gentle on electronic music... Will need more time to directly compare them but both are winners and now i have something that really works with everything really good.
    I am really very happy with this.. Its the perfect mix of copper and Silver for me... I also need stuff from IKEA next and no more hybrid cables :wink:)).. i dondt regret buying those two cables and will use them for a loooong time now..

    MMCX connectors work pretty good for me and Tin P1 and Shoure Tape have them, my Sundaras use adapters to 3,5mm and the Sash Tres ill get will have MMCX built in.. nice :wink:
    The COlor of the Blue 175 is really amazing.. its different with the lightning and can vary from blue, greycopper, titanium and whatever...Like silver white with darker metal.
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  6. RikudouGoku
    @Krassi link to the mmcx to 3,5mm please
  7. Palash
    And it happened, ISN Audio C4. :ksc75smile:

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  8. subwoof3r
    Really tempted! will you order it too?
    I hope it will be as soft as the S4 :)
    I'm glad they changed the MMCX plugs to something new (on the S4 they were difficult to plug/unplug due to their cone shape)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  9. Krassi
    and if you use taobao then this:

    i will necer use a proxy for taobao again.. those superbuy reproduction organ heads declared my DHL standard as DHL express and i should pay 70dollars fee.. for 2x15 dollar adapters.. they can put them in a body opening and i will order them with aliexpress now and have no trouble.. also first try customs sent the package back.. this is getting boring now
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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  10. Palash
    Yes ordering soon. It should as soft as S4, yes the conical mmcx plugs are hard to use.
  11. Tiax
    Got my number 175 (Au-Ag Alloy+Single Crystal Copper LITZ from Electro acousti Store), and i like it a lot.

    IMG_6943.JPG IMG_6945.JPG

    Comfortable cable with a very balanced sound, thank you all guys (and especially hakuzen ) for the recommendation :)
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  12. RikudouGoku
    Anyone know any good cable for my Blon B20? I believe it uses two 3,5mm connector for each cup and then comes out as 3,5 or 6,35 mm.
  13. muths66
    u can try ask EA custom to you
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  14. yancem
    Anyone try this cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/329...0&pvid=7d6cb926-2747-40e9-8f7c-ef2333c60999?? As much as I am tempted to pull the trigger on a 175 cable, I can't justify spending that kind of money right now. I'd like to buy a custom length cable and have been looking at the pre-woven wires on AliExpress and saw this one. Since my ciems are blue, I liked the looks of it and it says its 8 core OCC Silver plated Litz but it sounds like some materials claims aren't always accurate.
  15. hakuzen
    i think mmcx/2pin to 3.5mm adapters, those linked by @Krassi, are the most versatile solution (you can use your great iem cables with your headphones) . that's what i do with my 3.5/2.5mm headphones, like Ananda or HE400i.
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