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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh dang fellas. This cable is for real!. On sale right now for $48 from NiceHCK. I just got this tonight. I have them on a NiceHCK M6 earphone and I tried a few of the other cables in conjunction to see what these cable do.


    These bring up better definition in the sound. I want to say even better sounding than my silver cable I just tried on the same earphones. Bass has better definition as well.
    Pure OCC copper cable from NiceHCK https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NIC...424.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3da24c4dEsYTdw Jim from NiceHCK gave me a heads up on this cable. He was saying these are one of his best sounding cables they sell. I can confirm.
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  2. Carlsan
    I just put these on my InEars Audio Zen 4's that I got from Massdrop, replaced a stiffer silver cable that I had.

    I completely agree that they are wonderful cables. Excellent resolution that helps bring up the bottom end of the sound yet also adds to the high end extension/sparkle.
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  3. facethemusic88
    Thanks Hakuzen. What would you recommend I go with for the dm6(5-BA)? I have yet to receive those and would like to go balanced. I am leaning towards the pure copper ones instead of the spc/ps(anything silver/gold). Should I get the iems and hear them out first before jumping to get a decent balanced cable? Thanks
  4. hakuzen
    if the silver cable you mention is that from dd-audio, this wire is "pure silver + gold plated 7n occ": we could think it's 7N pure silver golden plated/painted, but it have turned to be 7N occ copper, plated with pure silver (+gold painted).
    i got the hck lz 6N frozen single crystal copper from nicehck, very similar to this 6N GC-OCC. it's equivalent to 27awg (~240mΩ). i've not tried it yet but, regardless of not so great conductivity, expect good quality copper material, so guess it doesn't degrade the sound and you can appreciate the iem resolution at its best, like you've stated with this new cable.

    the spc/ps seems to be spc at last. so i don't expect to notice any difference with good quality pure copper ones; if you aim to this good quality spc cable, go for nicehck version.
    for dm6, i'd take any cable which respect the iem resolution (good quality conductor), and have good conductivity (dm6 is a very sensitive multi-BA).
    the 7n occ thick copper 4 cores is a safe bet, if you don't mind to wear a heavy and not so flexible cable. but any true occ cable would serve as well, included this last 6n gc-occ from niceHck.
  5. docentore
    Someone recommended me getting pure silver cable for thinksound ON2. Ordered this one, hopefully it's going to be good
    YYAUDIO Hifi 3.5mm to 3.5mm AUX Cable pure silver main core Siver-plated screening3.5mm jack to 3.5mm Male Aux Cable
  6. hakuzen
    received GUCraftsman cables.
    my intuition was right, as usual (at the end, it works better than my logic, although intuition starts from a logic filter probably).
    [click on pics for detail]

    they have measured (dc resistance, L+, R+, L+, R-, in mΩ; and weight, including plugs and strap):
    he400i copper 142 143 133 135
    mmcx copper 136 143 127 130 (26.85g)
    mmcx silver 135 133 124 128 (27.5g)
    so they are definitely 8 cores of 0.08mm*19strands (equivalent to 27awg per core), PVC sleeved. the cable is equivalent to 24awg per signal (2 cores). quite good conductivity, while keeping good flexibility ad softness (they aren't so flexible and soft than some thinner wires).

    i've tested them. xduoo x20 balanced with toneking t4, and zishan dsd ak4495 + ghostaudio miniA1 amp + he400i (single end).
    when compared with 7n occ thicker cables, after trying hard, i barely notice any difference, which is great.
    when compared with stock HE400i cable.. oh, man, the difference is quite noticeable: this cable respects headphones resolution, less distortion, cleaner sound. amazing.
    everyday i listen to and compare cables, the more convinced i am about the difference consists mainly in distortion. i must measure this asap..

    when i saw these guys use the same wires for all their hand-crafted cables, i supposed that they chose their wire carefully. so the wire must be true 6N pocc, as claimed. my ears also do believe it, after comparing them with my best cables (7n occ and so). manufacturer says that silver wire is "pocc single crystal silver" (not silver plated copper). hope to confirm this with measurements.
    i'd go silver for warm phones, and copper for thin ones, but i couldn't hear a conclusive sound difference between them. maybe silver sounds slightly thinner. or choose by aesthetics criteria..

    the presentation is awesome: the box, the bag with their logo/ideograms.. i'm in love with the y-divider and chin slider (which is tight, it doesn't slide by its own). they are made of some metal, the shape and text remind where they are made in (i think they've chosen it very well: the size, shape, and text). the look is superb. you can choose with or without ear guides (thermoplastic). you get an exclusive unique hand-made cable. the only but i found, is i'd like a longer/softer/progressive strain relief in the jack.

    and essential: these guys are very communicative, enthusiast, love their work, provide every info you ask for, solve issues easy, can make custom cables (i'm going to order a ATH-M70x cable, not in their shop inventory, to them), and are very efficient, kind, and cordial. highly recommended. try to get advantage of last promotion day! :wink: i'm very happy with the result.

    some more pics (color of the copper cable is darker than in these pics; color of the silver cable is shiny grey, or who knows.. did i mention i'm color blinded?), including a gift: alo audio balanced to trs adapter (nice one!):

    mmcx copper:




    he400i copper:


    (good strain reliefs here; below the transparent part, a more rigid part is colored red/black, to differentiate sides)

    mmcx silver:




    Edit: forgot to add links (before starting to receive PMs asking for them..)
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  7. crabdog
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  8. hakuzen
    yup. i got the 16 cores spc silver color from a similar chinese brand, and i was not impressed. i mean, it is a good cable and looks neat, but the difference of price i paid compared with its 8 cores sibling, has prevented me to try another. i'll might try another one in a near future (nicehck version, who ships the product immediately and haven't after-sale issues; https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32954926911.html)
  9. crabdog
    Well, technically the 16 should have double the amount of wire. Whether it does or not I don't know. As for any difference in sound between 8 and 16 cores I don't have 2 the same to test.
  10. hakuzen
    no, it doesn't. your statement would be valid if the type of the cores was the same. in that case, it would have around double conductivity (half resistance per signal).
    but 16 cores often uses thinner cores than their 8 cores siblings (fewer strands, or thinner, or both).
    in the case of the 16 cores cable i measured (one of these chinese brands, who uses same wire often, even i suspect they are made by the same manufacturers), dc resistance was: 232 236 221 235 mOhms.
    its 8 cores sibling (same brand, same plugs, and probably same wire manufacturer and style line) measured: 260 270 260 260 mOhms.
    so i got only around 12% better conductivity, for almost 2x the price.

    edit: these are the cables i measured, both same brand, same plugs, spc wire..
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  11. superuser1
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    These sales are killing me. So I bought 2 more cables. Geeze. I think I spent just as much on cables on this years sales vs earphones. Well I bought a single earphone the HQ12. Which has yet to be made. Lovely.

    So I was browsing the express today and I found something I have yet to see. I have to admit I have a soft spot for silver cables. Pure the better. I still haven't received my 4 core silver I ordered on 11.11 but I found a new one. There are many SPC cables that look like these and are designed like these but none I have seen yet that is actual silver. Until now [​IMG]

    The thing melts into a silver bead is all I am saying. I can slay a vampire with this or is it a werewolf. In any case. These seem to be the real deal. @ 8 cores I have not seen a pure silver 8 core till today. The bad news is that these were not on sale. The good new is they cost only $70. Which in cable terms for an 8 core pure silver cable is a bargain. I went ahead and ordered one.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    The other cable I ended up getting. I regretted not snapping one up on 11.11 and I had no idea they were gonna do a BF sale with the same price. One dealer had these for $38ish and they had an extra offer for $2 off for the item so I went with it. I have no basis for buying this other than 1) It is golden 2) 8 cores 3) in balanced 4) comes in a very nice crafted wooden box. I figure worse case scenario I can match it up with my Solaris and it will be uber bling with all that GOLD.


    Ultimately I went with my gut feeling on this one. These guys actually make nice sounding cables. It was on sale what the heck.https://www.aliexpress.com/item/OKC...966.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.14d74c4dMUhyhQ

    No more random cable buying for me! That is it.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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  14. hakuzen
    lol. and blackish silver is shown at some parts of the wire in the first photo. silver, no doubt. it's funny how they have to prove it, due to our total skepticism.
    this wire could be 0.10mm*7strands*8cores, equivalent to near 27awg/signal. expect 225mOhms of pure silver.

    i've found a cable made with same wire than gu-craftsman silver cable (24awg/signal); i think you posted this before, or saw it at discovery thread:
    same color and braid ("cylinder" braid). also advertised as pure silver.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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