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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    that seller changed the product of that link (removed now, thanks for letting me know), but the other two links provided were showing real 169
  2. subwoof3r
    Hi guys,
    Can someone please share to me a picture of a proper cabling about 2.5mm TRRS (AK if possible) to the drivers termination ?
    Since I just received my RadSone ES100 I just want to give a try to this balanced output which intrigates me! :D (I'm pretty sure that reverting back to unbalanced 3.5mm will be difficult after that ^^)
    My only issue is that I'm affraid to reterminate each of my cables to TRRS balanced, never tried before, so just need to be sure the cabling have to be perfect to avoid any short (as ES100 looks to be very sentitive to that).
    Many thanks in advance for your help, appreciated :v:
  3. Slater
    The ES100 app has a screen that shows and explains all about the 2.5mm balanced termination. You should definitely check it out!
  4. subwoof3r
    Yup, I checked it but I didn't understood anything at all, lol, I'm a good newb :D the only thing I understand is the "2.5mm Balanced Pin Map" section with the schema (representing a plug form)
    Which one is the ground ? (unless there no ground anymore on TRRS ?)
    Compared to 3.5mm unbalanced, and if I understand well (just to be sure) :
    "R-" means L on 3.5mm ?
    "R+" means R on 3.5mm ?
    "L+" means GND on 3.5mm ?
    "L-" means nothing on 3.5mm ?
    If yes, what to do with "L-" ?

    Also, which of L-/+ and R-/+ are going to positive on the drivers ? (in a 4 core wires if possible)
    Sorry, I'm completely lost :D

    *edit* : after re-reading the schemas from the app, looks like I understand a bit better. Correct me I'm wrong but, it is simplier than I thought: both L- and R- are going to negative from the drivers, and L+ and R+ to the positive. Also, it seems there is no ground at all to solder into a TRRS jack, I'm right?
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  5. hakuzen
    3.5mm TRS, single-ended:.......L+ (tip), R+ (ring), GndL and GndR (sleeve)
    2.5mm TRRS (AK), balanced...R- (tip), R+ (ring1), L+ (ring2), L- (sleeve)
    so you have to get:
    L+ cores from tip in 3.5, to ring2 in 2.5.
    GndR cores (you have to identify them, using a multimeter, for example) from sleeve in 3.5, to tip in 2.5.
    (R+ cores from ring in 3.5, to ring1 in 2.5; GndL cores stay at sleeve in both jacks)
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  6. subwoof3r
    Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for :pray:

    I found this picture very interesting to illustrate (if it can help some newbs like me) :


    Btw last question: does all "balanced" plugs will be designed like A&K type ? or I will need to ask each sellers if each plugs are structured like this above picture?
    Many thanks again in advance, much appreciated :v:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  7. hakuzen
    most balanced 2.5mm use that structure. but balanced 4.4mm structure is different
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  8. Xduoophil
  9. hakuzen
  10. Broquen
    You can also buy a couple of decent cables, for 10€ each, in both versions (3.5 and 2.5) and compare before, so you'll know if it deserves the effort.

    On the other hand, if you want to try because you like it, you've found the right place to do some questions :)
  11. daid1
  12. hakuzen
    125 and 165, ok. but 115, guess you are confusing it with other similar grey cable, because if you click on any of my links, it's over 51 euros
  13. dfung
    Newbie question here - Does 8 wire usually has a wider sound stage than 4 wire? Picks up better vocal and instrument placement ranges? (Paraphasing from another poster in the high end cable thread)
    I see @hakuzen rec the 171 over the 170, which got me curious to learn why.
  14. dfung
    I'm a bigger newb about this. Where do you read up on info about the different kinds of termination type? Single Ended vs. TRS vs. TRRS balanced. This gets my head spinning...
    I'm waiting for the BTR5. Should I buy a new cable only after I get the BTR5, so I know which termination type to get?
  15. CobraMan
    Here are a couple of resources that might help:




    Hope this helps.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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