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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. kingdixon
    Yup 130 is awesome in comfortability, how does 175 rest on the ears without ear guides ?

    I think i will give it a try though, looks wonderful..
  2. hakuzen
    no issues. i have no issues without ear guides usually.
    i ordered this way because like the chance to use them with my headphones. you can order it with ear guides
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  3. courierdriver
    Attractive looking cable...I'm guessing over $100-US though. Am i wrong?
  4. fokta
    I see, Got a question about the cable by offline user.
    The 16 core connection issued is more common...
    Will suggest him ISN since is already proven... TQ
  5. fokta
    And I thought I am done with cable...

    Nice One...

    Let me look at my drawer, and take abnormal cable out...

    The Hybrid always make different out come with sound Impression, Alo Ref8 - Bright, ISN H16 - Warm and Abnormal (4 Core OCC SPC & copper) - Warm yet detail in Hi Mid...
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  6. hakuzen
    i'm afraid it is.
    you can calculate yourself: add desired components to your cart (mine was 6m of up-occ Ag99%Au1% 28awg and 6m of up-occ copper litz 28awg, to get an extra long cable of 1.5m, plus plugs and splitter), and add around $20 for hand work (the result should be around $240 USD).

    edit: if you go for 4 cores total, the result is way cheaper, but you'll have to decide which wire goes to positive signal and which to negative signal.
    a friend tried AuAg wire for positive and cardas occ copper litz 23.5awg (it's a bit stiff due to teflon sleeve probably) for negative, with excellent results.
    going for a 1.2m cable instead of 1.5m also supposes some saving.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  7. Xduoophil
    Hey everybody! :)
    It's been looong since i visited this forum....

    I bought the XDUOO X3II recently. Great device.
    (Also have the X2 and the X3.)

    As an IE for my X3II i choosed the KZ SZ6.
    Now the stock cables seem to suck hard, so
    i want an upgrade cable.

    Which (type of) cable would be perfect for this IE + DAP Combo ?
    I think that X3II pairs well with warmer IE, but the SZ6 ist only kind of warm if i got it right.
    Different people say different things so...

    Also the SZ6 seems to be little V-Shaped Sound.

    I am not that into cables so i wonder which would be the perfect budget cable for XDUOO X3II + KZ SZ6
    It has to be 2-PIN 0,75mm if i got it right.

    Any ideas

    What about these:

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  8. Cevisi
    Is there someone whit experience whit the tripowin c8 ? I'm interested in it and can't decide between it and 168
  9. cenix
    I am also interested in that comparison, because the prices are similar (around 30-35$). @hakuzen does seem to like the 168 a lot.
  10. hakuzen
    that cable looks a good one for your purpose.
    you can check my List of cables (go to "cables for KZs" section) to consider other valid options.
    i've not tried that tripowin cable.
    if you want to try a thinner (higher resistance) cable with silver plated (or other alloy) foil over the copper, try it, and tell us how it works.
    cable 168 uses good copper, has got lower resistance, look is superb (clear shiny copper), and i like the sound i get with it (usual copper attributes, black background). you can find it in nicehck and associated shops, electro acousti, and even in banned shops. i think it's one of the best cables you can get for $30.
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  11. cenix
    This seems to be the cheapest 168 at the moment, can you confirm that it's indeed a 168? Very interested in the cable and it seems from your list that in the 30-50 range, there aren't all that many better cables, if any at all.

    EDIT: It seems that I have missed the 150 and 151. They are the ISN Audio c16(copper) and s16(silver plated), for around 50$. First of all, which one do you prefer, the 150 or 151? Also, are they much better than the 168?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  12. hakuzen
    yes, it is 168.
    from 150 and 151, i far prefer 151 (silver plated copper) to 150 (copper). i wouldn't say that any of them is better than 168. 151 is too bulky.
    it depends of what gear do you plan to pair. if you want copper (better for bright iems, or to preserve bass rumble), 168. if you want spc (better for dark iems, less bass rumble, better mids and highs perception), you can consider S8 (8 cores version of 151) for similar price (if you want to go over $50-60, price of 150 and 151, i'd better consider up-occ wires).
  13. cenix
    I see, if I am interested in copper or SPC for around 30-40$, then I should go for 168 or S8. If I am looking to spend around 50-60, then I might as well go for something like this or this (OCC).

    EDIT: Btw, is this really 169? I got it from your link, but it's advertised as 8 core pure silver. Whereas you stated that it's a 4 core SPC.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  14. hakuzen
    no. i meant up-occ cables. there is a huge difference.
    you can find links for up-occ cables here: pics, comments, and links, part 1
    the cable of your link is 155, spc (not "pure silver"). nothing to be with up-occ wires. in fact, you can find that cable (155) for a third of that price in another shop. please read pics, comments, and links, part 3
    EDIT: your second link refers to cable 115, found at pics, comments, and links, part 2

    i know its easier to ask, but please, dedicate some minutes to read the info i've prepared by using a big amount of time..
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  15. cenix
    I did read through all of that, which is why I was confused. If that's the 155, then you made a mistake with the link, or the seller changed the item in that link, because https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32995698807.html is currently under 169, not 155. 169 is supposed to be an UPOCC cable.
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