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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. courierdriver
    Yup, I agree. One Youtuber said it best: First, you view the item you're interested in on Drop. Second, you check Amazon to see if it's much more expensive, and if not, you get it within days of ordering. Seriously, they have an estimated ship date of Aug 30 on this cable. And that's not even a guarantee. I could order this on Aliexpress and with Standard shipping (which for me to Canada, is 15-30 days with tracking), I'd have it in my possession in less than 2 weeks, based on all my previous experiences. In other words, I could get that cable for less money, no customs duties or extra charges like I would be dinged with if I bought from Drop, long before Drop even started shipping the cables out to customers. I'd be using it before those clowns even got around to shipping it. Drop for me means "dropped the ball" as far as I can see. Their customer service/support is abysmal, from many of the reviews I've read. I get emails everyday from them, but I've yet to ever buy anything from them.
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  2. courierdriver
    Me too! I would buy some of that sweet custom modded stuff from him. Lol!
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  3. dfung
    Would anyone be able to rec an OCC copper cable that is very light, thin, and short (Less than 50cm)?
    Need to connect a BTR3 and do not want a long and heavy cable that can get inconvenient really fast when running or working out.

    Really dig Hakuzen's rec'd copper cable, but it's too long:
  4. hakuzen
    you can ask the manufacturer/seller for a custom shorter cable. one head-fier did so, and the result was cheaper due to shorter wire.
    btw, you can select any wire or mix of wires from their inventory, and also the other components of the cable.
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  5. subwoof3r
    Thanks, appreciated
    I just talked again today with the seller (Electro Acousti) and he told me that it just was my fault because my name wasn't correct, logistic system truncated my name from "Jérôme" to "j.R.Me". This is the first time I hear that its my fault just of not sending my name properly.. as everything is automatic from aliexpress to logistics. Also, I ordered recently from the store an Y-splitter which I well received in 2 weeks, with the same name..
    I'm a getting a bit nervous now, and asked for a refund but seller refused and told me to wait few more days (as usual with chinese sellers..) let's see if I receive it, otherwise I will have to ask aliexpress help. I really think this will be my last order from Electro Acousti store, unfortunately :frowning2:
  6. hakuzen
    don't worry. if it's due to logistics issues, aliexpress (the responsible when using aliexpress premium/standard/saving) will full refund you. guess the problem comes when they started to offer more affordable shipping systems (which i suggested).
    sorry for the wait time and the disappointment.
    i've received my mix of 171-174 from them today. ordered it on august the 1st, using aliexpress standard shipping. total time of manufacturing a custom cable, shipping, and delivery to spain: 8 days (incredibly fast, it's a top mark from hundreds of packages).
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  7. Slater
    Yeah, that sounds like some cop-out BS on the seller's part. Sorry you had all that trouble, friend

    I wonder if the artist formally known as Prince was ever able to order stuff from Aliexpress? I'm sure he would have had an even harder time!
  8. fokta
    Wow... That's so unfortunate for you, hope the problem resolve soon...

    my when I ordered my 173, it was consider fast...

    but I am back using 130. the bright really make me fatigue fast... but I loved the sound sig...

    btw, I send some of my cable to a friend, so he can also different the sound characteristics of the cable.
    He was listening for a week, pairing with PP8 and also N5iiS.. this is his result.
    @bukumurah, Tq for helping...
  9. Palash
    Type C MMCX cable, Can decode up to 24 bit 192 kHz. Build quality is decent but sound quality is really good.

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  10. baskingshark
    Sorry a noob question.
    Dunno if this is the correct place to ask but you guys like @Slater and @hakuzen are the experts at DIY cable stuff.
    I know it ain't exactly related to cables but any of you guys know how to remove a 2 pin connector that broke off inside the IEM casing?
    Happened to my colleague and the broken pin can't come out.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  11. Slater
    ooo, that's a tough one. It depends on how deep it is broken off. The ideal case would be that there's a tiny bit of pin left sticking out, that you can grab with tweezers.

    If not, then I would try spreading the socket pin of the female plug. This will make it looser and in theory the broken off pin will just fall out. Then you can squeeze the socket pin of the female plug back together. Please note that this spreading and squeezing only needs to be a fraction of a mm.

    Still yet another option is to replace the whole female 2-pin socket. You can find many different 0.75mm and 0.78mm female sockets on Aliexpress.

    Good luck!
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  12. hakuzen
    if the pin can't be pulled up using tweezers, guess the only way to remove it would be opening the case to expose the other side of the tube; then use another pin to push out the stuck pin, from any of both sides
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  13. hakuzen
    very interesting impressions, thanks
  14. ShabtabQ
    Can anybody recommend me a 2.5mm balanced cable for my Tin T2, around $30 preferably, maximum $50.
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  15. Cevisi
    I tried alot of cables whit tin t2 the best one is ISN S8 for the tin t2
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