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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Cevisi
    Hiss is a new trend
  2. M3NTAL
    Does anyone know if there is a cable that is priced between the MassDrop x MEE modular cable and the Dunu Hulk cable? I'm looking for a modular cable under $200 with quality copper. 3.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS and 2.5mm TRRS would be the bare minimum connections needed - anything else is bonus.
  3. hakuzen
    you can ask for your custom cable at electro acousti (AE), using this component: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000021771334.html

    choose your desired wire (i recommend neotech up-occ ones), mmcx/2pins plugs, and splitter, to adjust the price to your wallet.
    price will be between the two cables you mentioned
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  4. hakuzen
    you can also consider these one from lunashops:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32923111127.html. but plugs are on the huge side and you can't choose components (it uses the same wire than cables 130-132 in my list, it's a good one).
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32959153056.html. same big plugs, i've not tried this wire, but it shouldn't be bad.

    or this one:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32909595288.html. more expensive, and don't know the wire. straight plugs. for this price, i'd probably go for hulk instead
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  5. subwoof3r
    It's been almost a month now and my 173 (from Electro Acousti store) still dit not arrived yet :frowning2:
    I discussed with their support since few days already and they told me they are still waiting an answer from their local shipping to see whats going on.
    I'm getting a bit worried now. Not sure if I should request a refund right now (happily I paid by PayPal in case of any issue).
  6. hakuzen
    don't worry, you are completely safe. in any case of issue other than logistics, you won't need to use aliexpress nor paypal protection to get fixed; just talk with the seller. if logistics problem, aliexpress will full refund you.
    anyway, the only problem will be the waiting time. using the previous expensive aliexpress premium shipping, my cables arrived in around 5 days. now, using aliexpress standard shipping, they arrive in 10-16 days to spain. so your case is strange, the cable should had already arrived
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  7. Orl14
    Hey guys Im in the market for some new 3.5mm cables for my Andromedas on the lessthan $100 range. Looking at the FiiO LC-3.5C or the ISN Audio S4. I like the looks of the S4 more but I really want an L jack.

    Looking for other suggestions of course but the aliexpress offerings are limited in my country.
  8. zombywoof
    I have two of the ISN Audio cables that I purchased from Penon; the H16 and S16, if I recall correctly. I had the Fiio cable and sold it with some SE535's. I need to preface this by saying that I am not able to detect the small differences in sound signature that others claim to hear from cable swapping (old ears). I have MMCX versions, 3.5 mm standard for use with my various Campfire IEM's. In my opinion, these cable are good values, are well made, and work fine. The connectors appear to be good quality. They are a bit bulky for portable use compared to the ALO cables that come with the CA IEM's, so I most often use them at home. I have only had good experiences with Penon so I feel pretty confident in recommending them.
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  9. Orl14
    Thanks for your input! Good to know that I wont be making a bad choice which ever one I choose, and no worries Im not really in to cables affecting sound as well, all I care is that it wont make my andros hiss on the V30 (had chifis that hissed on their stock cables) and aesthetics.
  10. zombywoof
    No problem. From what I have read in this thread, it appears that some of the "cheap" cables have wires that are not soldered well or at all. I do not have the Andromeda, but I have the Jupiter and I get no detectable difference in sound, hiss or otherwise, compared to the supplied ALO cable. I originally bought the ISN cable to replace a damaged cable on my Orions. I have since tried it with my other IEM's...no issues.
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
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  12. Slater
    This is literally the same cable, just with Tripowin branding:


    As usual, massdrop is no “deal”. Why people keep giving them business is beyond me.
  13. archdawg
    Good catch @Slater and as to (mass)drop I don't get the fuss either ... What?

    BTW, I own three of those cables (NiceHCK branded) and couldn't be happier with the price/performance ratio and the good looks, even though the similar looking, but slightly pricier silver-grey 8-core Kinboofi uses cables with a higher copper/insulation ratio.


    Upper: Kinboofi Lower: NiceHCK

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  14. Slater
    Yes, you’re right. The Kinboofi version visually looks the same, but the conductor is slightly thicker. It’s unknown which cable version the Tripowin is a rebrand of.

    Either way though, it sounds like it’s high time I start my own “deal” company:
    1. Buy stuff from Aliexpress
    2. Double the price
    3. Market as a “deal”
    4. Profit!
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Slaterexpress.com. I like it.
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