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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. RikudouGoku
    Ok Now I will not worry about T800 and M11, But are all MMCX cables compatible with all MMCX iems? Like are there something like KZs 2 pin standards with A,B and C?
  2. FastAndClean
    the new Empire Ears Wraith is 4ohms, i guess no one should buy that
  3. PhonoPhi
    Unless one have a source that is designed to properly handle them or plan to use them at moderate power :)
    It can be a bit akin to buying a sports car with a speed limiter at 50 mph.
    At least one can still accelerate with fun and make all the noise :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  4. FastAndClean
    i just read the review, it hiss with everything and the price is 3499$, good deal
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  5. amgupt01
  6. MadDane
  7. Craftsman
    Got myself a new 8 core cable for approx $11 and got the following measurements - L+ 240 mOhm, R+ 240 mOhm, L- 120 mOhm, and R- 120 mOhm. Note these measurements are +/- 10 mOhm as that's the resolution of my meter...

    Enclosed is a picture of the cable... Can anyone guess what it is?

    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  8. hakuzen
    it looks like the wire used in trn 8 cores cables.

    the big difference between positive and ground measurements can only be explained by two possible causes:
    a) wires (black and transparent sleeved) are different, one of them (used for ground) having double conductivity than the wire used for positive signals
    b) all wires are the same, despite of different sleeve, but one core of each positive contact is not soldered (either in jack, either in 2pins plugs, either in both), while both 2 cores are soldered in ground contacts

    b cause would match the solder issues found in trn 8 cores cables
  9. Craftsman
    That's correct. I used that TRN 8 core that I removed the jack from earlier and soldered on a new 'L' jack from Aliexpress.

    The difference is caused by a - the conductor sizes are indeed different on the TRN with the transparent sleeved wires being thinner than the black. I've found that the soldering on the 2pin side of the TRN 8 core cable to be pretty good as both sides (left and right) were fairly balanced as long as you remove the 3.5mm jack of course. It looks like TRN might be having two separate 'factories' work on one cable - ie one that solders the 2pin connector and the other does the 3.5mm as the 2pin connection seems to be very consistent where the 3.5mm side of things is poor. It's also possible that TRN is doing something similar to their 6 core cable where everything is connected to the IEM side of things while the 3.5mm is a crap shoot to say the least.
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  10. hakuzen
    then you could get even measurements after unsoldering all plugs, and re-soldering one transparent core and one black core to each contact. much work, and your actual measurements shouldn't cause any sound issue
  11. Craftsman
    I agree but given how the 3.5mm jack was assembled, for me to unsolder the 2pin connectors, I would probably have to cut them off and buy new ones and that gets down to the point of diminishing returns.

    However, the point is that for all of those who have TRN 8-core cables out there, you can resurrect them very effectively by cutting off the 3.5mm jack and soldering on a new one along with some heatshrink for a strain relief (I reused the original TRN strain relief along with two pieces of heatshrink for my strain relief). In fact, it might be the cheapest way to get a decent 'L' 3.5mm jack cable set.
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  12. Broquen
    @hakuzen do you have any link to a pure copper upocc litz with straight mmcx plugs? I've taken a look to your list and all I can see (170/171) are angled if I didn't see wrong.
    I'm thinking about buy one (but maybe I'll wait until August sale).

    BTW today got NiceHCK 8 cores ~10$ copper one to work and tbh the sound is pretty good (didn't like it much at first). The point is I prefer the cymbals tone of the pure copper with NC5v2 than mixed one (though it affects to all frequencies, not only highs) and am looking for same SQ of litz one, but with pure copper signature. In addition, the mixed cable I own is a balanced one, so need to use an adaptor to 3.5mm. single ended (which is good regarding quality, but uses silver plated copper -and affects sound anyways-).

    Wanted to comment that I've noticed very clear the background noise increase with NiceHCK cable (that in the other hand is already good enough for the cost), plus a little (but perceptible) decrease in dynamics when using low volumes that didn't notice it before.

    EDIT: Link correction
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  13. hakuzen
    170/171 mmcx plugs are all straight.
    you can choose from 2 or 3 types of mmcx plugs, but they all are straight.
    you can ask for not molded ear guides (this way i can use them with headphones, using adapters).
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  14. Broquen
    Thanks. I think I ended up looking to some other product by mistake, because all were angled as the one I own. Sorry for bothering.
  15. hakuzen
    don't apologize, no bother at all!
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