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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. MadDane

    There's a $550 Hamburger?!?!?! I want one now!!
  2. Slater
    Wait, I was wrong. The hamburger is $777, not $550.

    I was just thinking about it the other day as I was eating my $2000 pizza:

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  3. courierdriver
    One of my other hobbies is outdoor BBQ/grilling. I recently did an Applewood/Maple Bourbon wood smoked rotisserie chicken...slow cooked on my grill for 2 hours. Can I interest you in a sandwich? For you, as a fellow headfier, I'll give you a discount...2 for $250. Lol!
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  4. fokta

    At last have spare time to conclude my impresion on these cable...

    Here is my impression
    All impression above is based on my experience, using DX221mk2 and Solaris. Also flac music.
    It may be different then what ur experience.
    There's no winner here, just Cable that emphasize on what Sound sig u prefer or after.
    The differences is may be heard clearly or slightly.

    My reason for buying another 130 MMCX is to get the 2.5 mm, since reterminate it cost third of the cable itself, so better just buy another one (when AE disc promo can get USD58, good deal)

    After using 173 for a week, I felt this was what Sound sig I was looking, but then the high resolution, micro detail, airy, low Volume, dynamic etc, made me easily fatigue... I thought it was me tired, but it wasn't...

    All of this is a keeper... I just swap to different cable to get what Sound sig I want to hear.

    Like a friend said to me, I found my synergy sound combination that I prefer...
    I hope you also get yours...

    TQ, for reading my 2 cents... Cheers
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  5. fokta
    Ugh... been long time haven't eat smoke chicken grill from maple woods..
    the appetite comes... lets hunt some food....
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  6. courierdriver
    Only hunting I do, is for meat specials at the grocery store! Lol!
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  7. Filum
    Do we expect 2 pins to sit flushed without free play IEMs that has a recessed socket?

    I've ordered an IEM (it was built to order, not mass produced) and the 2 pin connector on the right has certain level of free play when plugged into the recessed socket. Left is snug and tight. Thing is, the play overtime will increase and get more loose?

    Both stock and aftermarket cables yielded the same results.

    What is the tolerance here? Is such free play expected? Or is it something of a defect?
  8. MadDane
    I have never had any quality 2pin iem's where the plugs in the IEM shell had freeplay. I have had cables where the fit became a bit less resistive when inserting the plug.

    I was instructed by John @ Noble Audio that this occurs due to wear, and to pinch the 2pin prongs very slightly with a pair of pliers to slightly squish them a bit wider.

    I've done this twice now on 2 different plugs and it works flawlessly.

    This is of course if your plug is loose due to the cable prong and not because the plug in the IEM shell is fitted loose or improperly installed.
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  9. Filum
    Squished to make the 2 pins narrower?
    Or, spread to to make the 2 pins wider?
  10. pstickne
    I’m of the opinion that most cables are a scam .. except the ones that look pretty, feel pleasing, fit well, are durable, and resist tangles :D

    Glad you had an agreeable outcome!
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
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  11. pstickne
    If transducers don’t need more than is supplied on the SE output .. :deadhorse:
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  12. SinisterDev
    *phew* I'm pretty overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information in these forums lol. I just recently got into the "chi-fi" IEMs and cables. I picked up a pair of CCA C10's, which I'm really impressed with. Then I started looking into replacement cables out of curiosity. Linsoul was selling TRN 16 core, silver plated cables that I believe will fit on the C10's, so I ordered them from Amazon for $20. They look really nice, and after reading some positive reviews of the TRN 16 core cables on here in the forums, I decided to check them out. Looks like they won't arrive for a while, but im really excited to check them out!
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  13. pstickne
    I just ordered a “100 core”* cable from Ali for $8.94** - my cat nommed the stock TFZ cable from T2 which had ‘subpar durability’.. it’s time consuming to find cables with the odd TFZ reverse-recess connection.

    *Okay, obviously listing mistake- none of the reviews seemed to point it out, instead claiming the usual “silver cable great sound” bunk :p Get cables that make you happy, as I don’t think anyone does true DBT or ABX tests on cable reviews.. maybe, “it’s a feeling”? :deadhorse:

    **Same stuff on Amazon/eBay, trading price for speed of delivery..
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  14. SinisterDev
    Haha, yeah I'd imagine the "100 core" thing to be a listing mistake. I picture what looks like 1" thick strand of Sisal rope hanging from your ears! (Which your cat could use as a scratching post while they dangle from your ears) XD
    But yeah, I really like the look of the TRN cables I ordered. And they've got a chin slider, which my C10's are sorely missing. I'm just eager to check them out. Someone on here (I forget their name) did a teardown of the 6, 8 and 16 TRN cables and concluded that the 16 core seemed to be superior in the soldering technique used on each end, vs the 6 and 8 core versions. They weren't too pricey, so I figured I'd check them out.
    I will have to start looking on this Aliexpress site more now. Seems like they have alot of good deals.
    I'm just getting into this "Chi-fi" hobby now. There's so much to learn lol. Glad I found this forum.

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
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  15. SilverEars
    @hakuzen Do you know of a device that you put between the source/amp and cable to the iem that you can vary the impedance from 1 to 10 ohms? With 3.5mm male output, and female input?

    Also, I'm looking to measure output impedance of my DAP, have you done a measurement like that? How do you go about doing it? I was thinking of cutting a 3.5mm cable, and clip a 1 ohm resistor in between ground and one of the channels to see what RMS voltage I get, and figure out the internal resistance from the voltage divider rule. I wonder if this is safe or would I short out the headphone out with such a small load?

    Also, will you ever get into measuring capacitance and inductance?
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
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