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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    that's a good decision to taste the neotech silver+gold alloy at more affordable price
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  2. warriorpoet
    Unfortunately I can't afford to try all LOL.

    I have some clear heatshrink on order for the Neotech 4 core. If I can get that under the wood slide, it'll make a nice slider. If the fittings were smaller, this might make a great CIEM cabel for onstage use; it's very solidly built.

    From my experience (related field), capacitance can be cumulative over multiple strands. This isn't necessarily always the case due to a variety of factors, but, if were to guess (and I am guessing here), that's what's happening with the Gu cables- a stronger LPF effect, passing more signal (lower resistance) but with less highs, creating the impression of a stronger bass. The silver cable passes more signal (less resistance), and has the most noticeable bass (really impactful).

    This is speculation on my part since I don't have all the particulars on-hand. I do enjoy all three cables, and you are right, the UP-OCC cable is remarkably bright compared to common impressions of copper cables. Of all the cables I have here, the Gu.Craftsman is the "bassiest" (for reasons articulated above), which flies in the face of conventional wisdom for sure.

    re; silver + gold cable.

    Gold is less conductive, and sterling is less pure than 7N OCC silver (92.5% vs 99.99998%), yes? It seems that would be an "inferior" material for cable, if signal purity is what you're after, that is.

    Here's the 7N silver, but it's not cryo, as you pointed out, FWIW: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/330...98-4c15-af25-7f52d4d728a3&transAbTest=ae803_3.
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  3. warriorpoet
    Do you have a link? I'd love a thinner silver cable for stage us.
  4. warriorpoet
    Oh wow, they do custom cables! This is excellent. I just ordered a 4x 26AWG 7N UPOCC silver cable with the smallest fixtures for stage use. Thank you for the heads up!
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  5. hakuzen
    although they don't state explicitly that their neotech wires are cryo treated, they are (check the "cryo" tip stamped on the reels).
    the silver cable of your link is cryo treated, but no litz.

    i'm measuring capacitance between + and - (or ground) wires now (you can check the measurements in my list, for a few cables).
    more cores, more capacitance. the highest (by far) from the few cables measured was isn audio C16, 16 cores. curiously, it's one of the bassiest cables in my stock.
    while up-occ litz cables measure less capacitance than other equivalent (in number of cores and thickness) cables. curiously, they are perceived as flatter, or even brighter.
    so your guess of low pass filter effect has got sense.
    however, fr measurements should show that difference, although it was small. i have to do a new set of fr, disto, crosstalk, etc. measurements for different cables..
  6. lukedss
    He finished mine Screenshot_2019-07-10-08-24-48.png Screenshot_2019-07-10-08-24-43.png
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  7. fokta
    well... My exp, if more then 4 core... it always goes to warm Sound sig... so better choose something that I know...
    For 4 core, and if the material is true... its a good deal...

    U just message the guy, when order, he will adjust the order customedly, before u paid..

    I see u already doing it also
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  8. subwoof3r
    Did you asked for those specific Y-splitters and plug (to reduce the price, maybe?) looks like it's not the usual Eagle ones
  9. lukedss
    Micro splitter as it's for portable use that's all I asked. Should I have any concerns about this plug?
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  10. fokta
    by the brand logo, is Eidolic jack... consider not cheap.. but there's fake also, so we just wait until he got it...

    Original Eidolic 2.5 TRRS can cost us Usd 10-15... CMIIW
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  11. lukedss
    Ha thanks for the vote of confidence!
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  12. fokta
    well, if it sound better, just think u get the whole package...

    just feel the build quality material... the ori Eidolic felt sandy surface...

    I am not a perfectionist which even need to resolder all connection with better material (which in my community is exist to find perfection...)
  13. falcoon

    I'm looking for a good quality adapter: 3.5mm TRRS Balanced Male to 4.4mm Female, is there any recommended adapters?
  14. Quasimodosbelfry
  15. falcoon
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