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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. warriorpoet
    As good as the Gu.Craftsman stuff? Any links to 2 pin?
  2. hakuzen
    better wire than Gu's.
    for 2pins with same wire (but copper), check link of cable 170 in my list (they also have an 8 cores of that wire, but more expensive)
  3. warriorpoet
    Have you tried the 4 and 8, and is that your current best rec?
  4. starfly
    Just ordered one of the 140 wires. Looks like good stuff for $50.
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  5. hakuzen
    i've tried the 4 cores, copper, copper litz, and copper+silver plated copper litz mixed.
    haven't tried the 8 cores, but i'm in the pursue of it.
    without any genre of doubt, these frozen up-occ cables are my current recommendation.
    cables 165 and 170 copper, 166 silver plated copper, 169, copper and silver plated mixed. choose the one which can match your combo (source+ phones) best.
    if you can afford it, use of coupons and discounts to get a fantastic price during these sales. they are great value.

    yea, the king about lightness and flexibility for that kind of clean sound
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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  6. autosleeper
    I saw a cable a while ago that had a range of terminations - 3.5", 2.5", 4.4" - all on the same cable. I didn't buy it at the time as I was skint, but now I want it. I can't for the life of me remember who made it. Does anyone know what I'm on about and could be kind enough to remind me?
  7. Lurk650
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  8. starfly
  9. fokta
    was reterminate the 165 from 4.4 to 2.5 in my local custom, he said, the cable is not Litz... just would like to clarify that...
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  10. hakuzen
    great, thank you!
    this confirms our first thoughts and findings, despite of posterior modifications in description pages of sellers
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  11. Broquen
    Not sure if your talking about the same cable, but I've been doing A/B/C... with mine for some days (NiceHCK UPOCC mixed and litz) and can say that sounds better than the rest of my cables, and background noise is reduced vs. all the others (Mr. Fastfinger live album "Swim like sushi" is good for test, although for the sound quality it does not sound like a live recording).
    On the other hand, if it can help or someone is interested, have to say that don't like too much that angled mmcx connectors. It rotates over time upwards and I'm eventually losing seal. In the future, I will opt for straight ones (and without earguides if possible).
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  12. hakuzen
    i've just received same cable than yours, 169 in my list. measured it, and now i'm doing some A/B.
    my impressions match yours: blacker background, bigger stage. enough to prefer these cables over the rest of my stock.
    i've seen some 8 cores versions at taobao, besides of electro acousti in ae. but prices are still high to decide a purchase.
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  13. hakuzen
    we were talking about cable 165. when i purchased it, it was advertised as up-occ copper, but no litz, like cable 171 (not in my list yet), while 166, 167 (not in my list yet), 169 (yours), and 170 were advertised as litz (shield/enameled strands).
    this was matching the characteristics of the raw wires i found.
    but then, all sellers added the word "litz" in description page of cable 165. @fokta has confirmed that wire in 165 is not litz
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  14. Broquen
    Maybe we have to be aware about AE spies hahaha.

    It is the first litz cable I've bought, maybe it is only a very good quality cable (I'd like to know it for sure), but anyway my feeling is that money was well spent.
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  15. hakuzen
    added the last iteration of 16 cores budget nicehck cable to my lists.
    improved resistance (lower) respect last iteration: it's the most conductive cable below $10 atm. i also like the new splitter. tested sound, pretty decent for its price.

    064. hck ct4 ofc 16c (brown,M): 193..208..168..202..[22.6g]
    outer diameter: 3.6mm. total length: 124cm (39cm from splitter).
    last iteration of budget nicehck cables. best conductivity and build quality in the cheapest segment (<$10).
    2pins version uses flush plugs, like previous iteration, good for flush sockets (like in most KZs), even for protruding sockets.
    new jack, it doesn't seem to be easily repairable, but like its shape, beveled to provide more grip.
    strain relief is a bit rigid.
    i much like the new splitter (same as used in cables 133 -Gu's-), small and elegant.
    very soft and flexible. sound is decent (good for the price). great value.
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