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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. candlejack
    You forgot the "/sarcasm." :)
  2. Broquen
    I think you'll get better results if you buy a Ferrari or a Porsche...
  3. hakuzen
    it's curious, because i found these taiwan imported mmcx plugs way better quality than almost any other i've tried before. if you look at them with good amplifying lens, you'll notice they are way better mechanized. it's true that they spin easier than others, but think it's intended. guess you have more probabilities of breaking your mmcx when attaching/detaching a very tight fit plug, than when spinning.

    i own these two, and they are my preferred mmcx plugs:

    wire quality of the taiwan imported up-occ cryo treated (neotech?) wire has also become my clear favorite:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32997339497.html (26awg up-occ copper, no litz)
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32994248213.html (28awg, up-occ silver plated copper, litz)
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32996895840.html (28awg, up-occ copper and silver plated copper mixed into each core, litz)

    wish 8 cores versions of up-occ litz show up soon.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  4. candlejack
    They still connect very securely and the amount of force needed to unplug the connector is consistent between the 2 sides (and quite high in my opinion).

    To identify the source of the issue, I reversed L/R and still the L side is the one free spinning, suggesting that it's not the cable side of the plug that is different between L and R, but the IEM side. A bit disappointing considering the "beryllium copper mmcx" is one of the selling points of the Campfire Audio IEMs.

    Unfortunately I can't comment on the sound, since I generally can't hear much difference between cables. Maybe I will get the chance to do some quiet tests this weekend.
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  5. Broquen
    I think that last one can be found cheaper. It's the same cable?

    € 70,39 67%OFF | High Quality NICEHCK 3.5/2.5/4.4mm Balanced MMCX Connector 7N UPOCC Mixed 7N UPOCC Silver Plated Cable ForSE846 LZ A6 NICEHCK M6
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  6. fokta
    Guys, what is better or similar like 130, but more lighter...

    I love my 130... but my neck tell me otherwise, it seems the weight is too much for long season...

    if possible < $100... hehehe
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
  7. hakuzen
    @Broquen , yes, it's the same cable. thanks for finding it! i use to have these same cables at the shopping cart, to catch discounts, and use aliprice to check recent historical price.
    @fokta , it's difficult to find better sound than with 130, but found even better noticeable sound (darker background, better definition, separation, and imaging) with 165; it weights 23.5g vs 33.4g of 130, so 30% lighter (and 28awg versions will be even lighter). resistance is a bit higher, but stays good.

    these are the links i'm monitoring and comparing now; all of them are usually available below $100 (there are other seller selling these cables, but can't post links):

    165. 4 cores 26awg taiwan 7N UP-OCC copper cryo(frozen) (no litz). 23.5g. 0.10mm*16(OD:1.2mm/26awg)*4cores. resistance ~190mΩ.
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32997339497.html nicehck
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32997399146.html vs audio
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/33005627267.html krhifi
    wire: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1000007390866.html + https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1000007394876.html

    166. 4 cores 28awg taiwan 7N UP-OCC silver plated copper cryo(frozen) litz(independent shield/enamel of every thread in the core). 0.07mm*19(OD:1.08mm/28awg)*4cores. resistance ~290mΩ.
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32994248213.html nicehck
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32997399146.html vs audio
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/33001933222.html krhifi
    possible wire: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1000007631873.html + https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/33006890732.html

    169 4 cores 28awg taiwan 7N UP-OCC copper+silver plated copper cryo(frozen) litz. (0.07mm*7spc+0.09mm*5copper(OD:1.08mm/27.3awg))*4cores. resistance ~260mΩ
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32996895840.html nicehck
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32995698807.html vs audio
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/33002688074.html krhifi
    wire: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1000007736919.html
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  8. Matthew420
    Has anybody posted anywhere a comparison between the conductivity numbers of any of the cables tested ITT with cables of (ostensibly) similar construction by big name cable companies? Like, here's a Chi-fi cable claiming to be 7N OCC, and here's, e.g., an Effect Audio Ares II, or a PlusSound Exo, and here are their respective conductivity numbers? I'm trying to get a sense of context. How many of these cables are good, and how many are just inexpensive?
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  9. fokta
  10. subwoof3r
    Is it me or NiceHCK is now selling its 165 up to 173$ ?
  11. hakuzen
    just wait for it being discounted again (soon). that's why i posted other links and monitor prices periodically.
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  12. hakuzen
    yes, they are same cables
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  13. fokta
    I see... TQ, please let us know when the disc.

    another question, is the difference not much between 165 and 169? in term SQ?
    really concern about the weight... if not much different between them, I will go with 169. Since like u said, 28Awg will be even more lighter and thinner...
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  14. hakuzen
    i don't know, because i don't own cable 169 yet. guess sound quality will be similar, maybe sound differences because of litz in (even darker background) and copper+spc mix in 169. but can't know if they are noticeable before doing serious ab between them.
    about weight, 165 is only 23.5g, don't think 169 will be much more lighter.

    conductivity mostly depends of total section (diameter) of wire per signal (wider, lower AWG, means better conductivity), given same length of wire (longer means lower conductivity).
    plugs and solders also contribute to conductivity.
    and material (quality) of wire does it as well. i compared two copper wires (solid core) last year. 1m of neotech UP-OCC 24awg measured 95mΩ, vs. 120mΩ of simple OFC.

    but resistance/conductivity doesn't tell the whole thing. found way better sound (background noise, definition, imaging) with 26awg up-occ frozen wire than with 22awg ofc wire (thicker, lower total resistance).

    there is a common problem with most chi-cables: you can't trust used material matches advertised material. read this (most claimed 7n occ chi-cables are not 7n, and are not occ).

    so it's difficult to establish comparisons. i only own a boutique but artisan cable, from impactaudio.
    but read these comments i received by pm:
    "I remember talking to another member who owned extremely expensive kilobuck cables from Effect Audio. He bought cable 125 on a lark and was extremely impressed saying that he felt it didn’t disappoint coming from his high end cables."
    ".. owned Horus, Leonidas, and Janus among other things. Super expensive cables. But he did say he was surprised at the performance of cable 125"
    "I actually own two other cables that use genuine litz wire. I own a pure silver OCC litz cable from Norne Audio the Norne Therium and also a PlusSound Echo+ that uses type 6 UPOCC litz copper wire. Both cables sound notably different from my modified cable 125 (I just switched out the stock plug with an Oyaide platinum/palladium plug) while listening with Solaris. The Norne silver litz cable sounds very smooth with a bit of spotlighting on the upper mids. It sounds flatter in terms of depth, and noticeably dryer than cable 125. Depth is easier to perceive on cable 125, and it sounds meatier from top to bottom in direct comparison. The PlusSound Echo sounds very different from cable 125. Cable 125 sounds thick and organic, but still very clear, whereas the Echo sounds lean and analytical. Cable 125 reminds me of my Stax setup, whereas the Echo makes my Solaris sound like the old Sony house sound (Ex600, SA5000) which was much leaner, and more analytical compared to the warm, bass elevated sound they currently pursue."
    "..the Norne and cable 125 feel close, but cable 125 has fuller lower frequencies as the sound stage and especially the depth feel more pronounced on cable 125".

    and now, consider that i've found even darker background, better imaging and soundstage, with cable 165 than with cable 125 (i've confirmed this after AB listening in different moments, different gear; don't have any doubt; although you can find you prefer the latter for some source+phones combo).

    i'm sorry for boutique cables, but you can find great value chi-cables for an small price fraction. however, these chi-cables show some disadvantages: obscure specifications, smaller variety of plugs, worse plugs and solders in most cases, qc issues, etc.
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  15. fokta
    ur point is Valid, I consider this as alternative... and also to teach company to be creative, and motivate them to produce good product affordable...

    my Litz cable collection come from ALO, for me, I can accept their pricing... but their shipments cost sometimes is the same cost as the cable itself, and it troubles me...
    130 is comparable to Alo SLitz in term of SQ... but the engineering, the custom wiring of SLitz makes me appreciate why I pay more... but if I need to add the shipment cost plus custom, which is alrd more then the price of the cable itself... I will find alternatives....
    @hakuzen Tq for the explanation...
    plz inform us if 165 is on discount...
    I alrd wishlist also

    btw, the cable is not microphonic right?
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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