Low budget computer speakers
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trains are bad

Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 31, 2005
A coworker is going to buy some computer speakers for his small apartment. I originally suggested he buy a pair of the bestbuy insignias for $40 and a T-amp for $25....but now the BB speakers are $80 and the T-amps don't exist anymore. He's probably not going to spend more than $100, but I'd hate to see him get something from walmart. What kind of options are out there in this price range?
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I heard those Radio Shack Presidians weren't so bad, and they're damn cheap. The t-amp exists, it's gen 2, which is some 50-60 bucks - more expensive, but not bad. The RS Presidians are like, 15 bucks, and I think they'll outperform the wallmart crap, but I haven't heard them personally. Also, I think Radioshack has a really cheap amplifier that like, you do a simple mod to, but I forget the name. Perhaps someone can recall what the actual amp was.

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