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Love the Sony MDR-V6 except for one thing... advice?

  1. kdern
    Just got a pair of Sony MDR-V6... love them except for the coiled cable.  I think they will be bulky if using the headphones for portability, and I expect they would get tangled in the bag.
    My next option to try was the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 but at $150 it's double the price.
    What advice would you give me?  Is there something comparable with a straight cable? 
  2. greghodg
    I don't think you're going to find anything that comes close to the sound quality of the V6 without, as you said, spending roughly twice as much.  Plus, the M50 has a long cable as well.  For what it's worth, I often wear my V6s while out walking, and the cable doesn't get in the way all that much, I just bunch it up and stuff it in a pocket.  I've never had any trouble with it getting tangled from doing this.
  3. Deep Funk
    Recable, the first option and a good option for later. Another headphone that is just as well suited for your preference and there are more options than the M50 (HD428/438, MDR 7506, SRH440, K240 S etcetera...) 
    When it comes to the cable, for the price a headphone with a decent and sturdy cable like the V6 is a good headphone...
  4. kdern
    Thanks for the feedback but the long coiled cable is driving me crazy.  Does anyone have suggestions of another option with a straight cable?  Budget is $100.  Closed style.
  5. kdern
  6. Deep Funk
    Try a search on the Sony headphone range: 7506, 7505, 7509, CD900ST etcetera...

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