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Loud volume damage balanced armature iems?

  1. yoyom
    Hi, I just have a quick question hope someone can help me with it.

    Will loud volume damage balanced armature iems?

    Today, I happened to be hearing to my iPod nano 7g at full volume on my westone um1. It was a guitar song and I left it on max volume for 3-5 seconds. Just wondering if it will damage my iems? I tried hearing songs again after 1 hour and the vocals seemed abit softer. I don't know if it is my ears or something else.

    Pls assist

  2. dweaver
    Probably your ears still recovering from fatigue over the blast of sound they recieved.

    I do not believe you have damaged the IEM itself as it was designed for the type of source you fed it. If you had used a powerful amp then it might be a different story.

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