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Lots of science-y type stuff on the Cardas web page

  1. Penarin
    Links all down the right side-
    "It is said, wire is just wire. In reality, a high-end audio cable must balance resistance, capacitance, inductance, conductance, velocity of propagation, RF radiation and absorption, mechanical resonance, strand interaction, high filtering, reflections, electrical resonance, dissipation factors, envelope delay, phase distortion, harmonic distortion, , structural return loss, corrosion, cross-talk, bridge-tap and the interaction of these and a hundred other things."
    There are even some measurements and graphs- especially in "Measuring Cable Resonance."
    Your thoughts?
  2. eugenius
    There are two kinds of people in the audio industry, honest engineers and smarmy marketing droids. G. Cardas = s.m.d.

    That doesn't mean he's incapable of producing good product.
  3. Andy Regan
    George has been a friend of the end user for many years. We pride ourselves on full disclosure. If you really new George I think you would find he is the furthest thing from Smarmy marketing guy. 
    but you are welcome to your uninformed opinion.
  4. Lord Soth
    I do enjoy reading the audio "Mumbo-Jumbo" articles written by George! [​IMG]
    More importantly, I am a satisfied customer of his audio products.
    I bought some of his XLR to RCA converters for my Oppo BDP 95 universal player.
    The audio converters made by George Cardas were sonically superior and light years ahead as compared with the cheap Chinese XLR converters which I was using. 

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