Lots of CD and Vinyl and some DVD's. I need money!!!
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Aug 14, 2006
I am in dire need of money right now so I am afraid I have to let some of these records go. PM me if you're interested in any of them.

CDs - $5
REM – Out of Time
Abbey Lode – Asa Brebner and Friends
Epidemic s/t
Franz Ferdinand s/t
Man in the Mood soundtrack
Moby – Honey/Run On Double Single (UK)
Moby – Play
Moby – Rare 2xCD
Moby – S/t
Pink Floyd – The Wall
REM – Lifes Rich Pageant
REM – Murmur
REM – Reveal

Smash Mouth – Astro Lounge

Ween – 12 Golden Country Greats
Ween – Shinola Vol 1
Ween – The Mollusk (Promo copy)

7" - $5
Big Black – Heartbeat
Butthole Surfers Promo 10” - $20 Butthole Surfers - Untitled
Liars – The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack
Make-Up - free arthur lee
Stereolab – Kuberneticka Babicka Pt1

12" - $10
Jimi Hendrix – In Memoriam (bootleg orange 12” released early 80's, really amazing)
Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters

DVD - $5
Spy Kids
Black Stallion
Good Boy!
Ice Age
Pearl Harbor 60th Anniversary Edition
Tomb Raider
Wild Thornberries Movie


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