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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. gazzington
    Walking around carrying would be instead of going to the gym!
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  2. Nayparm
    Nice one mate, glad your enjoying the awesome lpgt. What are you going to to with your lpg?
  3. singleended5863
    Wait to see and get the best choice another new DAPs will come out in the next 6 months. :wink:
  4. Giraku
    Lol. DMP-Z1 can be used as a light weight for work out. That’s why I’m upgrading from LPGT...
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  5. cooperpwc
    No plans. I had hoped to trade it in, but the LPGT seller Let's Go Audio does not deal in used equipment.

    My LPG still has great battery life and the beautiful black Dignis case. Screen is already fading a bit so perhaps I will sell it online in China where screen replacements are easy.

    For now it will go in a drawer. The Touch rules. :)
  6. noplsestar
    I will praise the day when you finally end talking about your beloved player in every second thread. If we would get a penny for all your Tera player posts we would be rich by now :wink:
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  7. damytzeus
    last night, i received my lpgt and i want a non leather case. how do i order from taobao.com? i want to order this case: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=598030600391
    the website is in chinese and google translate only goes so far. i also welcome suggestions for other case options.

    thank you.
  8. David Kleinfeld
    Hi, I use Bhiner to order on Taobao, I just received the TPU case. It's great but not as protective as leather regarding the front part. I will post more pic tomorrow.
  9. damytzeus
    david, thanks a bunch for the response. i tried searching on bhiner and failed to find the case. please share the direct link. thank you.
  10. damytzeus
    i just figured it out. i pasted the url from taobao into a search box in bhiner
  11. David Kleinfeld
  12. David Kleinfeld
    Few Pics of the case I just got. It came with screen protectors and dust protections for the jacks. As i said earlier, the quality is great overall but the front could perhaps be a bit more protected. I am not sure if it is made like this because otherwise it would not be possible to tuck in the device.

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  13. damytzeus
    i like and i see what you mean about more protection for the face. i'm ordering one. waiting for bhiner to process quote. thank you for sharing.
  14. cooperpwc
    Just catching up on (rereading) this thread. Lots of good info. I though that I should share my experience: "A tale of Two SD Cards"

    When I got my LPGT a few days ago, I immediately installed the PNY 256GB card from my LPG. It has my FLAC files re-sampled to 320kbps CBR MP3s so that I can take all my music with me. It worked in the LPG and it seemed to work fine in the LPGT too.

    UNRELATED (or so I thought), I found one weird bug with my new LPGT. The uber-cool Professional UI display of frequency levels was laggy. I refer to this display:

    Professional UI adjust.jpg

    Even weirder, it would intermittently act as if the sound levels had dropped to zero: even as a bass string twanged and a cymbal crashed, the frequency displays would all drop as if we were pausing for moment of prayer. I figured Lotoo would fix this bizarre behavior in the next Firmware update.

    UNRELATED (or so I thought), I started obsessing with having my music collection in lossless FLAC on my LPGT. I had this new beautiful DAP and the move to lossless otg was probably long overdue anyway. In some cases I have FLAC images with cue files; my tests confirmed that the LPGT supports these very well. On the day that I was leaving HK, I ran to the computer mall and sprang for a new 512GB card. I was actually drooling over the 300mb/s cards which would have cost a small fortune. (It seems that these are used for ultra high res video). I settled for the a 512GB (170mb/s) card when I realized that it would be much faster than my existing 256GB (90mb/s) card.

    Here are the old and new cards.

    SD Cards small.jpg

    Long story ending fast: the issues with the weird behavior of the Professional UI frequency displays immediately disappeared when I installed the new card. It works beautifully now - and it really is beautiful. My theory is that the LPGT reads the information in advance and processes it for music and also the frequency display (when you use that). If the read speed is too slow, it prioritizes the music - as it should - and the display suffers.

    I had no indication that the music playback suffered with the slower card - no stuttering etc. - but I sure am happy with my new faster card. Perhaps newer 100mb/s cards read better than my older card that I bought when the LPG first came out, but this is something to consider when you buy an SD card for the LPGT. I bought my 512GB (170mb/s) SanDisc XC 1 for less than US$250 and I am pleased with it.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  15. damytzeus
    for those interested, here's the link to buying the case in bhiner.com -- https://www.bhiner.com/taobao-agent/598030600391

    i ordered one.
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