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Lost my IE8s, what should I buy to replace them?

  1. GOT KILLED???
    I would have went for the Westones 3, but I saw that they didn't have a detachable cable and I saw that this was part of your criteria. Therefore, I instead, bought the IE8s and I'm quite satisfied with them!

  2. imadedend
    Haha you'll never guess... Bought the W3s online, then the next day I went looking for my old Shures just to have something to listen with when I'm out and about... And what do I find! MY IE8s NEXT TO THE SHURES ON THE SHELF!
    Oh god was I kicking myself. However I got the W3s yesterday, couldn't resist opening the pack and having a listen. I'm keeping them for god's sake, they are amazing. I think you guys would vouch for having a small collection of headphones more than anyone, and I get why. They sound SO good, different to the IE8s and with a sound signature all of their own. The bass is tight and punchy, highs sparkle, isolation excellent. Honestly an excellent pair of IEMs. I'm down $350, but there's no way I'm returning these! 
  3. Jerff
    I'd suggest the IE8s if you want the bass.
    If you want the isolation, you could always search for alternative tips/stuffing the silicon flanges.
  4. whitefroded
    have you thought about the Future Sonics Atrios with the Mg7 drivers? Perfect for my bass heavy tastes and IMO after burn in have less piercing highs than the IE8's did for me at certain frequencies.
  5. dilpal
    ^he has already bought W3 and also found his old IE8, now stop suggesting him to spend more :)

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