Losslessly stream your home iTunes library - would you? Are you?
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Apr 4, 2016
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(Reposting here now that it's not my first message)

Thinking of writing an app to provide lossless streaming of your home iTunes library to your iPhone or another Mac. To anywhere on the internet I mean, not just to another device on your home network.

Anyone interested in this? Doing it already?

Setup would be trivially easy (run an app on your iTunes Mac, give it a name). Streaming would be guaranteed lossless - no transcoding. (Obviously this won't work if you have marginal internet coverage.)

- play home music library on iPhone
- iPhone anywhere, not just home network
- lossless - no transcoding
- iTunes library on a Mac (although interested in other Mac-based experience)
- nice music browser in the app, ie. not just generic remote file access

Obviously this requires a decent internet connection at both ends, and an always-on iTunes machine.

Options I know about already:
- Audio Station on Synology NAS plus DS Audio app. Not Mac-based, obviously.
- Probably Plex, possibly requiring subscription. I hear it transcodes though.
- Probably Kodi, somehow
- There used to be an app called Stream To Me, but it wasn't lossless

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