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Loose MMCX, what to do after warranty is over?

  1. DeepSouth
    I've come to learn MMCX is unreliable, but I love the sound upgraded cables provide.
    The two manufacturers of my MMCX type IEMs have taken excellent care of me when a cable fails, but what happens when the warranty is gone? What are my options?
  2. PointyFox
    Buy another? You can also try spreading the connector with something thin.
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  3. teds headfood
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  4. DeepSouth
    #2, can you please elaborate? Is there a video on how to do this? I'm not even sure I can see a tension ring.

    I contacted one of the cable upgrade companies which I own several cables with, that come with a 2 yr warranty. If I experience failure after the warranty expires they'd give me a substantial discount on replacing the exact cable or it's closest equivalent. I'm paraphrasing here, but I feel better about doing business with this manufacturer. I'm not too sure how I feel with overseas high end cables.
  5. DeepSouth
    When something was wrong with my Audioquest I/C I handed it to my dealer and he had it repaired for me. For free.
    When my banana plug cracked (their copper plug is very weak because it doesn't have brass for better sound), they sell replacement banana plugs.
    For my Nordost loom, if something goes wrong I can send in my cables for retermination, albeit for a fee. At least my fine cable is saved.
    I'm seeing some of these high end IEM cables go for up to $3K! I'm not in the market of a $3K cable, but I'll spend more than a hundred or two if I can hear a difference. They only offer a warranty of one year?
  6. teds headfood
    sent pm with explanation and picture
  7. DeepSouth
    That PM makes a lot of sense. Good picture too.
  8. PointyFox
    Wow. Try some of those $4-$23 MMCX cables on Amazon and eBay. I'm currently using a $5 cable with my CA Andromeda.

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