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Looking to Upgrade. Passive to Powered.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by BabylonDown, Dec 7, 2018.
  1. BabylonDown
    Hey everyone! So, I'm currently running a Yamaha RX-473 receiver to a pair of Polk RTI4 speakers and a Polk PSW10 sub, but I'm downsizing my space, so the clunky receiver has to go. I am looking for a pair of powered monitors that are at least as good as the RTI4's. The PSW10 isn't bad, but wouldn't mind something that went a little lower and was cleaner. This setup is strictly for movies and gaming.

    I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of Yamaha HS5's, but am not sure if they're too reference sounding and don't know what sub to pair them with except for the HS8S. Things are getting a little pricey at this point and wonder if there are better bangs for buck out there.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
  3. BabylonDown
    Probably between $500-600 USD. New or used.

    I've seen those around and they're definitely on my list. I was hoping to find something just slightly more aesthetically pleasing if I can get away with it.
  4. BabylonDown
    The monitors I've been eyeing are the following:

    JBL LSR305

    Yamaha HS5

    Presonus E5

    KRK Rokit 5

    I may or may not hold on to my sub for now as it still provides quite a bit of power for my application. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of HS5's this weekend and wanted to know that being paired with a sub, would they outshine the others listed in detail and quality considering they tend to be bass shy?
  5. JRG1990
  6. javamalava
    From my experience, I really enjoyed the Vanatoo T0s, JBL LSR305 and Adam a3x.

    Out of all of them I'd consider the a3xs the best overall (especially the highs).
  7. Shane D
    To resurrect a quiet thread, I made a purchase today. I have been researching for weeks. I wanted powered speakers as they are for my computer and space is limited. I looked at monitors but they are all pretty big and very basic. I wanted something that had: A) Small/smallish size for my table, B) Strong, clear sound for nearfield listening, C) LOTS of connections and D) something to give my motherboard some help (DAC). I also didn't want to spend a lot and everything costs way more in Canada (compared to the US). I was tempted by the SUPER cheap Fluance Ai40's which are on sale this weekend for $214.99 (about $149.00 in US $'s), but they are just too barebones and still a little big. They just released the Ai60 which looks really good. More features and more power, but a little bigger and almost double the sale price. Also looked hard at Kanto, Audioengine, Edifier, Mackie, JBL, Yamaha, etc.
    I ended up going with the Vanatoo Zero's. They are $469.00, plus tax up here (15%), which is not cheap to me. I love the size, love the power ratings and the options. Have read dozens upon dozens of rave reviews and scoured YouTube. I think (and hope) they are exactly what I am looking for. I am replacing my 8-9 year old Bose 2.1 system (Companion 3 Series II). A sub makes no sense in an apartment so I wanted a pair of speakers that could put out full bass, but not shake the floor. I don't do hip hop, EDM or play games. They are purely for music.

    I can't wait! (Well yes actually, I will be waiting about a week :smile:).

    Shane D

    PS: I ordered four yoga blocks to play with building stands for these puppies.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  8. Shane D
    Just a cut and paste from another thread. I figured since I posted in both, I should finish in both:

    Got my speakers today. So much smaller than the others I looked at which would have overwhelmed my little desktop.

    Set them up soon after arriving and they sucked! Once they warmed up it was a much different story. I took the limiters off and bumped the bass up a little and the treble down a little. These are SO much better than my little Bose 2.1.

    They have way more power than I need in this little spot. The volume runs from 7:00 to 5:00. Anything past 11:00 would likely incite a visit from the super. I have them set up on the outside wall (shared with neighbouring apartment) pointing in. Hopefully very little sound transmits to the neighbours.

    I am really liking the sound now and definitely will not need a sub.

    They are really vibrating the desk. I also ordered Yoga blocks which will be in next week. More isolation definitely wouldn't hurt.

    So far, so good.:)

    For context, the monitor is 32"

    Shane D [​IMG] [​IMG]

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