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Looking to upgrade my RE0s; I need more bass.

  1. chnsawBrutality
    Pretty much I want to upgrade my RE0s.  They sound good with the metal I listen to, but when I switch to hip-hop or anything else I literally feel bored.  I want something that thumps and is fun to listen to; just a little more lively than the RE0s.  I mostly listen to metal and hip-hop, but other genres too like dubstep, drum n bass, trip-hop, rock, alternative,
    I've seen a few similar threads so I've kind of narrowed it down, but still i'd like y'alls recommendation.  I usually listen at work in the cubicle and in a car with other people talking and music playing loud through the stereo.. so isolation is a little important too
    I have PX100-ii and M50s.  I like the M50s sound signature, more than that of the PX100 which sounds like bass and more bass, but i listen to them a lot too, no complaints really...
    I want to keep this under $300ish.. (I honestly don't have a budget.. but I don't want to spend too much)
    I've read reviews and these look promising
    radius ddm (weak isolation from what i've read i think)
    fischer dba-02
    senn ie8 (also weak isolation from what i've read, but everything else is really good, considering these)
    klipsh s4 (lots of bass, not to good mids and highs from what I've read-- so probably not these)
    monster turbines-- these are always recommended, but I don't know which ones.  The regulars, coppers, golds, miles davis...
    I don't know anything about westones, earsonics, or ultimate ears (but the UE stick out too far..so mehh)
  2. alphaphoenix
    May I suggest adding the PFE 112 to your list. 
    However, from your list, I've owned the IE8, HJE900, and Turbines(all models).   If isolation is important or will be, I would cross out the IE8 even though it sounds the best out of the three.  Between the HJE900 and Turbines(regular), you really can't go wrong with either one for the price as they can be had for under $100 new most of the time, but if you want bass and details, go with the HJE900.  It's more durable than the Turbines(regular), but the only area that I hear the Turbines(regular) may have an advantage is the low deep bass.  Now, factor in the MTPG or MTPG, or Tributes, anyone should exceed your expectations based on your RE0 experience, but will cost at least double for a new pair with a lifetime warranty from a legitimate source.
  3. Guidostrunk
    +1 on the MTPC , the bass is sweet and it does not congest the rest of the spectrum.IMO They do need some burn in time to get the full effect from them. Out of the box i had no WOW factor but after the 30 hour mark they started to open up nice and the bass extension on them is sweet. They really do pound out some bass. Not bloated or boomy to my ears. I currently own the Earsonics Sm3 and IMO they do everything better than the previously owned IEM'S i had combined ie. TF10, MTPC, CK10, Silver Bullets etc. And the Soundstage is on a whole different level compared to the rest, it is mind boggling the space these things have. A true 3D presentation.
  4. chnsawBrutality
    What sounds similar to the m50s?

    So the MTPG and MTPC have lifetime warranty? I will definately consider those now.

    What's the difference between all the MTPs?

    And where can I purchase the Earsonics from? Only from earsonic?

    WHat about the Fischer dba for $150? The MTPs still seem better with the warranty, yeah?
  5. Kunlun


    The mtpc/g warranty is ONLY if you buy from an authorized Monster Cable seller. Onecall.com, Amazon (but NOT Amazon marketplace companies).
    The mtpc has excellent treble extension and I like its treble energy a lot. It's mids are balanced and the bass is excellent and will have that moving air real bass energy that balanced armatures lack (yes, even the sm3, according to Shigzeo and some other reviewers).
    The mtpg is warmer and bassier, slightly less accurate with less treble energy and extention. The golds are still excellent, some like them better and they tend to be underrated on head-fi.
    The SM3s break. All earphones can break, but the SM3s break quite easily. The first run of mtpcs had a glue issue for the housing, but that's what the warranty is for and with monster, it's a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Lifetime. If you do something dumb, they'll do a one-time replacement. The replacement has a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects...
  6. chnsawBrutality
    How are the cables on the monsters?  They look kind of.. thin and crappy..
    They hold up good enough for everyday use I assume, or else people wouldn't recommend them lol
  7. alphaphoenix
    Only the regular Turbine is thin and somewhat crappy, but never had an issue during ownership.   The cables for the MTPC/MTPCG/Tributes have good cables (thicker and stiffer over the regular Turbines) and with the lifetime warranty, should never become an issue.
  8. chnsawBrutality
    I ordered the MTPCs last night.  After reading like 20 threads I decided the MTPCs over the MTPGs.
    They should be here Thursday.
    Never ever did I think I'd spend $300 on IEMs.  [​IMG]
  9. Kunlun


    Let them burn-in.
  10. chnsawBrutality
    What's the minimum you recommend they be burned in for?
    My RE0s were burned in for like 80 hours.. I don't feel like waiting that long this time.  Lol.

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