Looking to upgrade from M1060C / HD600
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Mar 10, 2020
Hi, thanks for checking out my post.

I was ready to pull the trigger on the DT 1990 Pro but then I remembered how sharp the DT 990's were and thought I'd research a bit more, which only led to more confusion.
I'm looking for the quality, detail, clarity, and separation of the Sennheiser HD600 with the quantity of bass from large planars. I enjoy wide soundstage, separation, detail and good bass extension rich both in quantity and quality. I dislike bass-heavy sound signatures that overshadow mids.

My budget is $700 and can stretch to $900 for significant upgrades on sound quality. Looking to only purchase from Amazon because of store credit.
Considering the HIFIMAN Edition XX, Ananda, AEON Flow, Ether CX, Monolith M1570, Audeze LCD-2 (used), LCD-GX (used), LCD-XC (used and I don't think I like closed all that much).

Current setup: Monolith Liquid Spark > Sennheiser HD600, Monolith M1060C (open mod) and M1060. I use the HD600 80% of the time and only grab the M1060c for the rumbling bass, but I can hear its overall sound is not as clean as the 600.
I usually listen to House, Techno and everything in between minus electro and dubstep. Most listened to artists are deadmau5, daft punk and stimming.

Thanks again.

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