Looking to upgrade for under 200-250$ (IEM and DAC/AMP)
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Sep 16, 2013
Hi everyone, and sorry in advance for the long first time post :)
So i'm looking to upgrade the way i listen to music, and look mainly for an all around IEM to replace my Bose oe2 i bought from a training trip to France 2 years from now (mainly because of the name). I said replace not exactly for the same sound style (bass type i think) because i was (and still) a beginner. It was my first headphones transition from the smartphones/under 5$ type of earbuds.
If a DAC/AMP can be a great addition, without breaking the budget, i'm in.
Music genres: I listen to all genres. I'm not a one/two types guy but a "mood" one and I like to try something new every now and then.
Locations of use: home, work and train
i need more than average isolation for that because here in morocco, trains is a place to talk about anything with anyone (more than the average in non-mena countries) or even listen to someone's music taste from his smartphone without agreement.
Sources: Ipad, HTC one and HP laptop using youtube, mp3s (with some old ones, so no analytic champions), Spotify, Songza
If i need to have a DAC/AMP, it must be portable (fiio mont blanc / E18 dimensions is considered max portability)
Budget for the upgrade: 200$ for an IEM only choice and 250$ for a combo IEM/DAC/AMP. (including shipping)
The shipping is high or the product cannot be delivered to morocco when using amazon/other so available at stores like Aliexpress/ctcaudio/lendmeurears
Why i need to upgrade: i like the oe2 but i want to go next step forward. the oe2 lakcs in the vocals/guitar range (what i found right now because now's mood = framenco :D).I also wear glasses and there are over-ear style so i can't sleep with them. Bose are recognized with there bass but there is no problem if it's reduced (not so much :D) to upgrade other ranges and increase clarity. 
- i found the VSonic GR07 Bass/mkII for about ~95$ (including shipping) i think it's a great deal with a dac/amp
- DUNU DN-1000 for about 190$ (including free shipping)
- VSonic VC1000 or Rock-It Sound R-50 (more analytical?)
- DAC/AMP: Topping NX2, fiio (wich one?)
Any help is more than welcome.
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This might help: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/. Make/model names link to reviews, and some of the IEMs you are considering are in that list.

Fiio E18 is their only portable dac/amp that Fiio has designed to work with Android. E07K or E17K may or may not work well with your HTC One as a dac (research it). Don't know about the Topping NX2.

Penon Audio is a very good international seller that may ship to Morroco (check). Lot of head-fiers use them, and they have a good variety of IEMs.

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