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Looking to upgrade, coming from S4s

  1. Concept357
    Hey guys, new member to Head-Fi. I've been following these forums for a while now. I got into high-end audio when I required new gaming headphones, I was gonna go for the cheap everyday gaming headset but someone reffered me to Head-Fi.
    This is when I discovered the existence of headphones like the HD555s and the beyerdynamic DT880s, which I later bought. I was quickly made aware of everything I was missing from my music listening experience since I had never been exposed to high end audio previously. I had absolutely no idea that these "audiophile" headphones could improve my music experience so much.
    Being a teenager, I move around alot to go to friends places and school and I listen to most of my music on-the-go. So I decided I needed some IEMs. My taste in music is mainly trance and house, but i listen to abit of top40 aswell. I quickly figured out that the klipsch S4s seemed like the right IEMs for me and at just 80$, they were a perfect introduction to the IEM world. However, I felt very unsatisfied with the S4s when they were plugged into my 4G NANO. Compared to the Xonar STX on my PC, it felt like the same songs were lacking fidelity on the Ipod, as if someone crouched down the bitrate. That's when I bought the Cowon J3 and the sound was much improved.
    So here I am now, looking for an upgrade coming from the S4s. My budget is max 300$.
    As I said before, my music preferences are bass heavy and I love a good punchy bass. I also like my music with good texture(detail?). I don't like it when the mids are recessed and I can deal with sibilance.
    So.. any help?
  2. Vitality
  3. Concept357


    This was basically what i was considering, this and the coppers. But arn't the coppers better? Plus, the MTPCs are cheaper on Amazon...
  4. Vitality


    You said 300 dollar price range, I only looked at the monster site. My bad.
    All around music listener?
    Love bass? Hip-hop?
    It's up to you
    I do reccomend the coppers, they are the most expensive but with Amazon, in your budget 
  5. Selenium
    The Coppers aren't as bassy. You might also consider things like the Sennheiser IE8, Radius DDM, Futuresonics Atrio, etc.
  6. juman231
    Although you asked for earphone recommendations, having the S4, and a relatively budget headphone Audio Technica ATH-M50, I feel that headphones have better cost to performance ratio than IEMs. I have the itouch and the J3. And I don't hear any difference between my laptop's headphone out and the J3's headphone out with my M50, which might suggest that my laptop's sound card is of similar quality as your STX. But between S4 and M50, the detail retrieval is much greater on the M50, not to mention the superior bass of the M50 which is often described as subwoofer-like. Since you seem to imply that the sound quality between the J3 and STX sound card isn't that noticeable, I can almost guarantee in this case that you'll definitely see sonic improvement on the M50, or other full-sized headphones for less money. Sorry to derail from the topic, but I hope you make the most out of your money. 

  7. navmau


    The IE8 and the Atrio would be your best bet for Trance/house [and anything really!]. I am a trance/chillout listener and couldn't be happier with my Atrio's.
    I am trying out the entire DUNU range too (burning them in at the moment) and the Trident and Hephaes are sounding like they can play with the big boys. The Trident does have lesser bass quantity and minimal sub-bass. I love the Atrio for the sub-bass for my trance and chillout.
  8. jacobap100
    Check out the miles davis tributes for about 260
    From what i have herd they have the bass of the golds and as technical as the coppers

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