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Looking to try some new IEM's

  1. musicalychallenged
    Hello I'm new to Head-fi and IEM's

    I'm Looking to buy a new IEM or maybe CIEM, currently I have the WESTONE W60 and find them great.
    But i also want to know what would be something around the same price range or maybe even less or a bit more that would be better or so. Im looking at 64 Audio U12t ,A12t im also looking at the Campfire Andromeda. some other ones im reading up on are Heir audio and Empire Earz.

    Some of the music I tend to listen to is Rock and Pop right now also since there are some songs im learning on the Guitar
    ( Electric )
    I also listen to a lot of EDM i do listen to a few other genres but not as much as of right now.

    I would really like some recommendations.

    currently my budget is around $1250.

    Thanks For Reading. :")
  2. serman005
    Have not heard the others but I do like the Andromeda quite a lot.
  3. yanaginagi
    My best advice is to go to the upcoming canjam and listen to all you like.

    I don't think Andromeda would be good for rock/edm because of their poor bass.

    At this price range I would recommend the not-yet-released dunu dk-4001, it's out in China in September but I not sure when it'll reach the US..
  4. buke9
    Don’t think you could go to wrong with any of them. I do not think he Andromeda’s bass is poor in the least. Though out of your price range the 64 Audio Tia Fourte and Empire Ears Zues are two of the best I’ve heard. Never heard any Heir iems so don’t know. The makers make so much new stuff that it is hard to keep up on them. Not a big high end iem guy just like to hear them at meets and CanJam and will be going to RMAF the first of part of October and will be hearing the latest and greatest. Noble is another maker I would put on a list also the new Kaiser Encore is also very good and the rest of the line is also good. Going to be taking notes this time as my memory can fail me sometimes.
    Edit : Forgot to say play guitar myself and mostly acoustic but do have a nice American made Telecaster that I love.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  5. FangJoker
    I'm in a similar situation. Due to severe neck pain I'd like to sell off my full sized cans to take the pressure off my neck and spend more on a good IEM setup. I've got the 64 audio a12 and n8 and ee lx on the list for ciem and the Andromeda as my universal option. I may go as high as the 64 trio if I like it when I get to audition it for a week.

    So I'm slowly selling off some of my current gear and want to get into the better iem stuff. What seems difficult is finding a good desktop system for iems. Every option I've looked at has some pluses and some negatives and it's tough to decide. I do have the Hugo 2, but not finding it to be worth the money. Maybe it will sound much better with the u12 and trio that I'll be listening to for a week. It's a little too much on the top end for me. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you. I'm finding it to be very difficult.
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