Looking to switch from a headset, to headphones and a microphone.
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Sep 20, 2015
I would like to improve my audio, by getting away from gaming headsets if possible. I have done some research on this but I really know nothing about it so im here askin for some help. I am looking for a audio set up where I can have headphones and a mic hooked up to my PC and PS4 at the same time. And able to use both at the same time. Reason for this is sometimes I play games and talk to people on skype at the same time. Also I have considered getting back into streaming call of duty which I play from a console. I am aware of the Astro Mixamp, I am actually currently using the 2012 version with Siberia Elites, but the earcup is coming undone and I am going to need to upgrade my headphones soon.

Location: USA
Budget: none really, I know on here some people are gonna have thousands of dollars in there set up, I don't need the greatest audio. I just planned on spending a few hundred dollars, what i was looking at was AKG 702 headphones, FiiO E10K DAC/Amp, Behringer 802 mixer and Audio Technica 2020 for a mic.

I did hear on a different forum that using the Mixer will take away from the DAC/Amp and its not even worth. If this is true, do I have other options?

Thanks for all help in advance, and bare with me I don't know much about this.

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