Looking to invest in some high quality headphones but don't know where to start
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Jul 28, 2011
I have a bit of extra cash on hand at the moment and was thinking now might be the right time to get myself some really high quality headphones (thinking in the ~$1000 range). I'm not an "audiophile", in terms of real knowledge of gear etc... but I am obsessed with sound quality and spend a large amount of time listening to music. I bought some Sennheiser HD 595s a few years back and they've served me well, I find I can't go back to cheaper heapdhones or earbuds as they just sound terrible in comparison, which significantly lessens the emotional power of whatever it is I'm listening to.
Can I expect a similar jump in the quality of the sound/listening experience if I go from the 595s to something more in the $1000 range? Where should I start in terms of trying to figure out what to go with? It seems to me that with something as subjective as this I need to actually go in and listen to the various pairs before making a decision, but is there a way to do this with *my* music? Any sites that let me order a few in succession and send them back till I'm happy? Finally, how much would I be looking at needing to spend for gear to go with the headphones themselves? (amp, etc...)

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