Looking to Get Started - Entry Level Portable Amp
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Jan 8, 2013
I recently was re-introduced to my Grado sr60's. I got them almost 20 years ago and enjoyed them with my Harmon Kardon amp and I never used them any where else. I got a Sony Walkman NWZ-E438F just for traveling and used it with some decent Phillips ear buds. I finally thought to plug my Grado's to the walkman and i was impressed. I then thought I would try to see how much better I could improve the sound. Went to the source, and tried both lossless and mp3-320kbs. Could not tell the difference so settled on mp3-320. Now I am wondering if a protable amp would improve the sound. Since there are no local shops where i can demo these products i thought I would start slow, as in lower cost, just to see if i hear the difference. I was thinking about a fiio e6 along with a L5-line out. However, I am sure I read a post on this forum that said Sony Walkmans already have a good processor so you don't need the line out between the source and the headphones. I can't find the post now so must have read that somewhere else. Would any one have any thoughts on this. If the L 5 is not needed I could then go to the e11 or some other recommended portable amp.  I don't mind the money that much however I would if I can't hear the difference. This fiio investment would allow me to do a good test on incremental improvement at a cost that would not hurt.

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