Looking to get a pair of IEM's
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Jul 15, 2009
Hi, first/second post here. I've been lurking around these forums for a while and have decided to jump into the head-fi world, haha. Anyways, like the title says I'm looking for a set of IEM's for casual listening and on the daily commute. They'll have to isolate decently well, to block out most of the noises people/bus/trains make, and also be portable.

My source is going to be from my cellphone (a P905i if anyone is interested) and up till now I've been using Sony EX51's, which i gather seems to be pretty bad. I listen to metal, techno, trance, club, rock, classical and folk, depending on my mood so I guess that a reasonably balanced set of IEM's would be good for me. My budget is ~$200 CAD, and I was thinking of the Phonak PFE's or the Q-Jays, but if there are any other IEM's you can recommend and why, that would be great.


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Of all the IEMs I've owned, I liked the UM3X best. But if I were buying an IEM for the first time, and I had a limited budget to work with, I'd buy the PFEs directly from Phonak Audeo for $139. They are a single-driver phone but most manufacturers buy their drivers from Knowles Acoustics, and often use the same group of drivers. The big leap in quality is from the cheapo dynamics to the balanced armatures (BAs). Phonak is a hearing-aid manufacturer so they know what they're doing. The PFE has a very nice, balanced, sound. It's not as loud as the more expensive triple drivers but the PFE drives easily off an unamp'd iPod. Because it's a single-driver BA, it's very small. Fitness wasn't an issue for me. The PFE comes with a choice of two different filters. The grey gives it a sound closer to the Ety's, sparkly though light on bass. The black filters recess the mids/highs to let the bass come in, a strategy used by my UM3X. For the money, this is a top value.
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Hmm... thanks for the input guys, I'll probably go for the audeo's. Other than their main site and earphonesolutions.com, where else can I get them for a low price new?


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