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Looking to get a pair of headphones for my sister's birthday

  1. clee290
    Some criteria:
    Budget: $100, could stretch to $150
    Source: Laptop/iPhone, no amp
    Requirements for Isolation: Some to none, she uses her headphones mainly at home
    Preferred type of headphones: Full-sized headphones
    Preferred tonal balance: I think an overall balanced pair would be good
    Past headphones: Beats Solo, she has mentioned how they hurt her ears, hence why I'm looking for a full-sized set
    Preferred Music: She listens to a variety of stuff, from electronic to rock to R&B to pop.
    Location: Canada
    Some headphones eyeing/have been recommended are Audio Technica ATH-m40x ($109 on Amazon.ca), Sony MDR-V6 ($115 on Amazon.ca), and Shure SRH440 ($119 on Amazon.ca). So yea, any other headphones I should check out? And which would best suit her needs?
  2. ThickGlasses
    Anyone could recommend the MDR-V6, but is your sister fashion conscious? She might not like the look of them. If she is somewhat stylish, she might like the Bose AE2. Fairly balanced sound (a little consumer-y sounding, but not too bad) and they look stylish. I use mine for electronic recordings when I don't feel like using my IEM's, but they are perfectly capable of rock and the like.
  3. Amorgan
    Get the Sony XB400 (pink version) 

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