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Looking to buy new headphones!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jpilot007, Nov 11, 2012.
  1. jpilot007
    Hi, im new here so i dont know if this is the right place to post this.
    im looking to buy headphones but i dont know much about and whats on the market now. I ve done some research and i found these:
    -Denon AH-P372
    -Audio-Technica ATH-FC700
    -MEElectronics HT-21
    my price range is more or less the price of those three that i mentioned. im looking for decent sound, they need to be comfortable of course(using them for 2-3 hours), outside noise isolation as much as possible in this price range, same for the sound coming out of the headphones to the outside.
    So if u have any suggentions that would be great and whats ur oponion on those headphones.
    Thank you. 
  2. macrocheesium
    Tell us more about your music preferences and sound preferences (treble-sensitive, lots of bass, etc). That will help narrow it down a lot.
  3. jpilot007
    rock, alternative rock...(RHCP, muse, foo fighters...) 
  4. jpilot007
    anybody to help...?
  5. Crispy808

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