Looking to buy a new pair or earbuds. What brand/model should I get?
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Jul 6, 2015
Please bear in mind I'm pretty much a noob.
My current earbuds are from Pioneer (SE-CL711)
I've had them for a year and I'm planning to get new ones so I can leave these to someone else.
What brand should I get? If you could provide a model for me as well, it would be great.
My budget is about 30 USD, though I don't live in the United States, but in Romania. You can imagine the economy is a bit different. For reference, the Pioneer buds were 20 USD here.
I'll be honest and say that I'd like something with good and loud bass.
If there are other details I failed to mention, please ask me and I'll update.
Thanks in anticipation!
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I love Skullcandy for their hot, trendy looks. I don't buy expensive headphones cuz I'm just a student. In terms of sound quality and other specifications, Skullcandy is just fair for most audiophiles in this forum, I believe. 
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 The Soundmagic ES18 is likely to be within your budget. It is $13 in the US. It is my favorite IEM by far for under $20. It has nice detail, and also nice bass that sounds natural, and not exaggerated. My only complaint about it is the appearance, although it is now available with a black cord, which imo looks much better than the other colors.
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  If you want something cheap, anything from the Sennheiser MX series can be great. Read up on them and select your desired signature.

The MX series are traditional earbuds, which don't block ambient sounds. This could be good or bad, depending on what you want. Traditional earbuds without ear hooks also tend to fall out of the ears very easily while you are active. 
The MX365 did not get such great reviews. I have the MX580 which sounds great, however the volume control on the cable makes these even easier to fall out of your ears. The MX580 is also likely to be above your budget. The MX470 is cheaper though, and omits the volume control, which is a good thing.
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If it's true, I won't go with the MX then. I'd like something that blocks ambient sounds and that also doesn't fall off since I listen to a lot of music while biking.
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When I am active I use the JVC HA-EB75, which is earbuds with earhooks. It doesn't block surrounding sounds, which is important when you need to hear your surroundings(with the player volume set low). In some places, it is against the law to bicycle while wearing headphones, or earphones in both ears.
Blocking ambient sounds while bicycling is very dangerous.
It fits my ears fine with the ear hooks adjusted to the smaller adjustment. My ears are probably average for a man. Some women, and men with small ears though, say even at its adjustment to the smallest size, the ear hooks are too large, and the earphones fall off. They stay on me just fine. They have a nice midrange and treble, but are bass deficient. When I boost the bass using the player's equilizer by 8db, they are okay for casual listening while I am active. In the US they are under $10.
Panasonic makes ones like this as well, however the ear hooks on those are even larger, and not adjustable. Sennheiser makes ones, however they are much more expensive. 

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