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Looking for wireless headphones under $100

  1. analogdog
    Decent ones with great bass, over the ear. Do they exist?

    I currently use JVC HA S500 and I love the sound. Something comparable to these would be great.
  2. Dragonzeanse
    You're just paying for wireless features rather than sound quality at that price.
  3. analogdog
    There have to be some out there.

    I'm not paying over $100 as I won't be using them that often and I don't need top notch quality. Just a decent bassy sound
  4. Dragonzeanse

    Well, in regards to your budget and criteria, this is all that exists worth buying at your price, to my knowledge.
  5. analogdog
  6. OMGLadyGaga
    Refurbished Sony 10rbt from amazon is $102. Sounds bassy enough I think

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