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Looking for USB Micro to Micro OTG Cable

  1. cranda58
    I've got a Fiio Alpen 2 E17K to use as a DAC / Amp with my Galaxy Note 4. Right now I've got a Micro USB to Full Size USB OTG Cable, then a short USB to Micro, making this quite a cable mess.
    Looking for a USB OTG cable that is USB Micro Male on both ends to connect my two devices without multiple cables. Anyone know where I could find this?
    Apparently the Fiio E18 ships with one, so I contacted Fiio and they will not ship or sell me one individually. 
  2. TonySunshine
    TTVJ sells a right angle micro to micro OTG cable
    and hakshop sells a straight micro to micro OTG cable
  3. cranda58
    Thanks! Know of anywhere else? One is sold out and the other would run me $35 after shipping.
  4. TonySunshine
    Try this post
    And actually isn't the note series a micro usb 3.0 connector? does a regular one fit in there?

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