Looking for upgrading from Fidelio X2 for $500
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Jul 11, 2015
Well, my Fidelio finally is completely broken now after 4 years use, and what it means? Right, hell of choosing new headphone which be great all-rounder for I hope also next 3-4 years. So, my budget I think $500. 4 years ago I picked X2 for what they said 'neutral but still fun' type sound, I think that describes right what I want. My music preferences: mostly Post-rock, Post-metal, but also some Acoustic and Orchestral. So, I'm googling and reading reviews for a while now, but can't pick exactly what I need.
My first candidate is HifiMan Sundara. While it has good balanced planar sound, my biggest concern is hifiman's quality control, second they're dependable from other gear and quality of music recordings, I dunno if my 0404 USB + O2 Amp is suitable for them. And finally they're on brighter side neutral, so I feel like that Post-rock might be not for them.
Second candidate is Audeze LCD2C. Well, these catch my eye mostly because now they're for sale not and costs $600 instead $800. And their sound is on warm side, as I read these good for rock. But lacks detail and many people preferred Sundara over LCD2C.
Third, Beyerdynamics DT1990 PRO. Best bass of all others, more neutral than Amiron, but big worries about hot treble and recessed mids, since many says is big issue for them.
So, I would like to hear some opinions for those, maybe more models to review..
Sorry for bad english btw:cold_sweat:
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Nov 12, 2016
I still think that Beyerdynamics DT1990 pro super headphones.

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