looking for the right ear/headphones
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Oct 5, 2009
ive already asked about choosing headphones before but thought i would post again with more detail in preferences

ive always thought that i would like detail in my headphones but after owning some ue superfi 4s and akg k181s i find myself wanting to take my earphones off for a rest before an album ends

what i would really like is something warm sounding, also my music tastes vary a lot(and are quite strange lol)

i listen to black metal which of course is very harsh and fast
but mostly i listen to post rock, such as sigur ros,explosions in the sky and also isis

their music often has long 7 minutes passages of slow instrumental and
ambience that builds to a crashing crescendo of fast drums and guitars
so i like to be able to have the detail to pick out the quiet passages and the soft sounds of sigur ros
but the warm bass to keep my ears relaxed for long periods
aswell as the distinction between all the fast drumming

if there is such a headphone that can handle all that under 250 ukpounds

from what ive read im thinking sennhieser hd595s might be best for this perhaps
or ultrasone 650 pro

two headphones ive been looking at due to thier detachable cables as i wont buy another earphone without detacheable from now on after so many issues

i had problems with my superfi 4s causing itchy
wet and flaky skin thats been very irritating
and im not unsure if ill have problems with other iems

ideally i would prefer iems for their portability and sennheiser ie8s seem to be the best detachable cable option and comfy..just worried if my ears will tolerate them

my source varies between laptop, ipod and an avreceiver
mostly ipod

ie had recommendations of audio technicas but as im choosing what will be a xmas pressie for me i dont want to be bidding on ebay and havent been able to find any online that im confident wont be fakes

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