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Looking for the perfect pair of IEMs based off my experience with 1More Triple Drivers and RHA T20is

  1. dylann5454
    Perfect for me at least.
    Alright so I just bought the RHA T20i’s after using and breaking my 1More Triple Drivers after more than somewhere around 1.5 years of use. I love the amazing clarity and instrument separation of these new RHAs. I also love how it is so much easier to hear the vocals. But I’m totally missing the intimate and engaging sound of my Triple Drivers. My Triple Drivers were just more fun. The intimacy/engaging factor of the Triple Drivers might have been a narrower soundstage, but I just know that the sound was always so consuming and hard-hitting. I loved the up-front non-recessed mids and especially the amazing super punch of the lower mids. The Triple Drivers also probably had a raised midbass.
    I would like an IEM that is on the lighter side weight-wise. I also want something made for longer listening because the sound of the T20is is overwhelmingly bright for me, and I don’t last very long with them. I was never bothered listening to the Triple Drivers for an infinitely long time.
    Bottom Line/TL;DR: I want the amazing clarity/instrument separation/quality vocals of the RHAs with the light-weight, easy listening, super engaging, super fun, and consuming, powerful mid-bass + mids endorphin rush of the Triple Drivers. My top price is technically $400, but I’d be willing to hear more expensive recommendations.
  2. serman005
    It is above budget but you might read about an IT04 and see what you think. It is possible it could work.
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  3. dylann5454
    How is the listener fatigue on the IT04s? I loved how I could listen to 90% of my music library for many hours with the Triple Drivers, and I can only get about 90 minutes or less of anything with T20is before I get tired.
  4. serman005
    Yeah, that's not good. I personally do not find the IT04 to have much in the way of listener fatigue. You should read about it and see what you think, though.
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  5. yong_shun
    True, T20 has a darker and colder sound signature as compared to 1More Triple Driver.

    I agreed with @serman005, IT04 can be a potentially good choice. I actually face fitting issue more than listener fatigue because of its large housing. It stretched my ear too much. FH5 could be another good choice based on my opinion.
  6. PaganDL
    Hi @dylann5454,

    Agree with @serman005, IT 04 you will have no issues with listening fatigue, personally my go to IEM.

    @yong_shun, PM me if you need help with the fit on IT 04.

    Hope you have a great day !
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