looking for the most imersion for console gaming.
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Dec 25, 2011
hello all I currently run turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 on PlayStation 5, and steel series arctis 9x for my xbox series x. i am currently looking for a wired audiophile gaming headphone to give me the most immersion in single player type games, i am not looking to maximize footstep sounds or shot location accuracy. i want a heaphone to get lost in the world and enjoy the music from my single player type games. i recently was using the fidelio x2hr and they were pretty good, but i am more interested in the sennheiser pc38x, i hear this one fixes the weak bass on the pc37x which i do own and like but could use a little more extension. any other recommendations? anyone use both and tell me there thoughts on which is better and why. if i order the pc38x now how long is the wait?

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