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Looking for the best IEMs under $50... I have it narrowed down to two

  1. bilge
  2. serman005
    You should definitely check out the SoundMAGIC E10C--it is pretty unbeatable at the $50 price mark. There are scores of raving reviews out there. Build quality is excellent. Mine are 4 yrs old and in perfect shape despite near-constant use. Worth a look, for sure.
  3. bilge
    Here's a quote from the Wirecutter article I referenced. What is the difference between the E10S and E10C?

    "So why isn’t the E10S one of our top picks? The price. With this pair sitting at about $45 as of this writing, none of us could justify paying over $20 more for the small bump up in sound quality over the AKG Y20U or the Brainwavz Delta. That’s not to say that the E10S isn’t good. In fact, if you don’t mind spending the extra money, you’ll get a solid pair of headphones. But considering that you could get two pairs of our top picks for the same price, you’d need the E10S to be twice as great, and it simply isn’t."
  4. Intensecure
    As far as I know, one has a microphone, and one doesn't. Up to you if you feel like it's something that you need or not. Some people use them, some people consider them a weak point for possible failure. But usually the model without mic is about $10 or so cheaper.
    I've heard the AKG and honestly wasn't impressed. The SoundMagic sound better, and the build is aluminium Vs plastic, much nicer if you're going to keep them for a few years. Personally I found them unexciting, but very competent in the price range. As @serman005 says, his have lasted and lasted, that build quality is worth the extra money.
    (The Wirecutter have basically been recycling the same article since 2013, and there are so many suggestions that are out of date and also that many Head-fiers would argue with :wink: from longer term experience.)
  5. bilge
    Thank you for the reply! That of course pushes me in the directions of the Xiaomi's, especially because they are on sale at GearBest.

    But what would Head-fiers currently argue for for the under $50 price range if both the AKG and Soundmagic aren't the best?

  6. Intensecure
    Actually I was referring more to The Wirecutter article about the more expensive IEMs - they are very out of date, that's the area I'm more familiar with. :wink:
    I think you should read a bit more about the Xiaomi - it seems that they can be pretty harsh, and require modding to make them sound decent, without sibilance and with bass. Depends if you are that way inclined. Not sure how much I'd recommend them, but I haven't heard the latest models.
    Others may hopefully chime in but so far I agree with the above opinions, SoundMagic for build, solid sound and ease of use. My personal favourite was always the Vsonic GR02BE, but my sets all died, so although they sound great, I can't recommend them on build.
  7. bilge
    Thanks! Well unless anyone has any more suggestions I'll get those! Any recommendations with the Soundmagic?
  8. ostewart
    I can highly recommend the SoundMAGIC E10 too.

    The S version has a mic but it has a small switch to change between apple and android compatibility modes, and was a bit of a weak spot.

    The C version also has a mic but does not use a switch, so it's stronger, it is compatible with most phones, but not the iPhone 7 due to the lightning adaptor.

    If you don't need a mic the E10 regular is perfectly fine, all have the same great sound quality.
  9. bilge
    It looks like the price of the E10 and E50 are similar on amazon. Is it worth it to get the E50?
  10. Roen

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