Looking for the best IEM Isolation - ($120 Budget)
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Oct 5, 2015
Hey everyone. I am new to the community. This will be my first actual post on the forums. I just want to say I love this website! Everyone here has done such a great job of supplying a wealth of knowledge regarding anything to do with sound. It's awesome!
I tried my best to scavenge the forums to find an answer for my question without having to create a post but I failed in finding a definitive answer. I am a current student looking for a way to block out sound so I can focus better on my school work
I also understand that with music not playing IEM's act more like earplugs than headphones and in that case a pair of Etymotic earplugs might be a better choice. I do listen to a lot of lectures so I need something that is very clear and quiet. 
So please spread your knowledge of these IEM's


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Some candidates I was considering:
Shure SE215LTD
Etymotic HF3
Westone UM1
Not looking for an exact sound profile, I do listen to a lot of acoustic stuff, but also like to through on some old R&B from time to time. The main thing is the Isolation, I know the tips make a huge difference and its all about the seal but I can't help but think that the design of the monitor plays a part as well. 
*I did try the Etymotic Kids with the adult flange tips and it didn't seam to seal, I did at one point use a pair of Shure SE215 and remember the isolation being pretty damn good but wanted some input in regards to other candidates.

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