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Looking for the best headphone for less then $100 for my ipod.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bangu, Jul 5, 2011.
  1. bangu
    Hey guys, I have decided I need a new headphone for my music. My price limit is $100. I like every type of music (literally). I also need this to plug into a ipod, and from my research ipods can't power good headphones. I have heard good stuff about the senn hd280 pro, or the hd428's but whatever.
  2. bangu
    Can I get a bump on this pleasee?
  3. priest Contributor
    Welcome to Head-Fi, although you don't need to bump every 45 minutes.
    The ATH-M50 are a common recommendation for your criteria, and sound great straight out of an ipod. The HD 448 are also a good choice, but are not hugely portable in that they do not fold or collapse. The latter have less bass.
  4. BotByte
    Grado SR60i
    They don't need an amp, play well from you ipod
    If you're coming from earbuds, they will be a good welcome and have great sound overall, lacks bass, but the bass is still there. Don't take the bass thing seriously.
    My first can, and I still love it.
    If you want to upgrade, you can mod it half way to the north pole and back
    Get a pair of L-cush ear pads to increase the sound and comfort.
  5. bangu
    The ATH-M50 is way out of my price range, so that's out of the question. I also looked up the grado, and while they may sound nice The look is absolutely horrible and they have low bass. I might just go with the hd448, but would a ipod power them well?
  6. priest Contributor
    You can get the ATH-M50 for around $100 if you can wait for a sale. But yes the HD 448 plays great from an ipod.
  7. bangu
    Alright cool! I'll research them and look for a sale.
    Its between the m50 and the hd448 for me:)
  8. roma101
    ATH-SJ5's if you don't mind on-ear. You can get them for approximately $50 or so (used to be $80 when I bought them) and they're very enjoyable headphones. Good for every genre, and pretty balanced. 
  9. wilzc
    AiAiAi TRACKS!!
    If you're only gonna use it for iPod, look for the version without mic. They're also cheaper.
  10. mikeaj
    Just to confuse you further, you can also look at the AKG K240s (i.e. K240 Studio), Sennheiser HD 555, Audio-Technica AD700, Sony ZX700, Koss Pro DJ100, and Shure SRH440.  All those are $100 or under.  I made sure not to repeat anybody else's suggestion so far.  [​IMG]
    On a serious note, do you need isolation?  (Will you be listening out in public in noisy environments, or where a leaky headphone would disturb others?)  You didn't specify closed versus open, hence the response so far.  There are many decent options at this price range, but some may be more suitable than others depending on what you're looking for.
  11. mooshimuushi
    I would suggest you should have a look at the AKG K430. On ebay they are pretty damn cheap, and I haven't found any report of fakes! Around $40!
    Another suggestion that I've been hearing a lot are the Sony MDR-V6. They are monitor headphones, thus balanced. Nothing of a BAM or BOOM compared to the Shures and ATH-M50. 
    Check out the AKG K81 as well, pretty good bass there! :D
  12. ostewart
    its AKG K518 DJ now i think, and they work well with everything and sound good straight out of an iPod.its AKG K518 DJ now i think, and they work well with everything and sound good straight out of an iPod.
  13. crinacle

    Not sure if gullible

    or just plain stupid
  14. ostewart
    im guessing stupid... Or he/she's only seen pictures of them, and not held and listened to them.
  15. mooshimuushi


    I'll back up randomkid. The AKG K518 DJ/K81 are the best choice for bass. Well, I'm not sure if you compare the AKG's to Sony's XB300/500/700. 
    Also, the only difference (that I've read) between the 518 and 81 is that the 518 has more colour choices :D Whereas the K81 only has 1 colour.

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