Looking for the best Digital Audio Player who's battery is replaceable by the user and uses memory cards for storage.
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I am sick of getting ripped off by apple when it comes time for the battery to be replaced but nothing else needs to be worked on and asked for 70$ to replace the battery. I want the microSD card storage as well I won't pay the prices companies are asking for internal memory. The headphones I currently have aren't the best but have to get upgraded second due to the fact that my iPod is dead and my headphones while bad still work. I am willing to buy a portable headphone amplifier after the headphones to achieve the best results so if that's required it's not a big deal, I just want to know which will alow me to replace the battery myself and doesn't rely on internal storage. The FiiO X5 is the closest thing I could find so far but if there's something better that's what I want.
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Is it possible to replace the battery of the x5 by yourself? Ibasso dx50 and dx90 use battery of Samsung s9300 (or something like that) and can be swapped, but battery life isn't great.
Ibasso is coming with a new DAP, the dx80, so I predict a few dx90's for sale in the (near?) future
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Yep. The iBasso DX50 and DX90 is what you want to look into.

+1--affordable and (also affordable) stand alone charges are available.
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Yeah, you can order those charger+2x battery kits off Amazon. I use one of those on my SGS3, that way I can charge the battery overnight and the battery barely gets hotter than ambient. Samsung are notorious here for busting the power management chip, even if you use only the original charger (when I busted mine the tech knew exactly what was the problem and said it was a common enough issue that he keeps a drawer full of those chips). 
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Thank all of you, I mean it, but affordabilidy isn't the issue, I'm willing to spend bank on the player up to the point of diminishing returns. I'm new to this world so I don't know exactly how to describe what I want, but a player who does not make me have THEM replace the battery or rely on predatory internal memory charges (incase no one has noticed even as time went by and memory became cheaper the DAP manufacturers did not pass those cost savings onto us and to an extent I understand this, memory has become so cheap that if they charged the price that they should charge they would make almost no money and businesses are in exeistance to make money but it has gotten to the point of absurdity. in my opinion predatory obuse on their consumers. Which is why I require the Memory card storage because I can always buy as many memory cards as I want and they have the added ability of being able to be used on other devices (ps3/4 pcs and other thigns) intenral memory is crap. again sorry for ranting this long I'm just so frickin mad that there is a market out there and I don't want to throw "APPLE" under the bus becaouse they are not the only ones doning this, but putting a battery in your device and then REQUIREING the user to pay HALF THE PRICE they paid for the device when it was new to have the battery replaced when they could easily pop a new battery in is insane. ONCE AGAIN sorry if you actually read all of this.
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Get the DX90 and then a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery plus external charger from Amazon. Heck, you could probably order the player from Amazon too. Get some of those mini ziploc bags so you can store spare batteries, and have some way of telling which ones are used and which ones are still fully charged.
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It would be great when compact players under $100 use an inexpensive, easy to find, easily swappable battery, have a card slot, and have 40+ hours of battery life.The closest thing I can find to that is an Android phone, although those are a bit bulky.
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  In the dx80 thread Ibasso mentioned an 'internal battery' so I quess it won't. That's why I didn't suggest it

I was thinking same thing as the DX80 looked a lot thinner than the DX90.
  Well are you aware if Ibasso at least has decent battery repair costs when the time comes? 

If you're very concerned about costs you don't need to ask Ibasso, your primary cost estimate would be for shipping. Fiio has international dealers so if there's one in your country you can ask them if they can service the batteries instead of shipping them to Fiio's HQ/factory. Alternately, well, the DX50 and DX90 were mentioned precisely so you can just hit Amazon for some SGS3 batteries as well as an external charger. Never underestimate how that helps - charging a battery in an open chassis helps avoid accumulated heat from charging as well as from continuous draining and charging while you're using it. Having several batteries with a separate charger means that if you run low you just swap the battery instead of waiting for it to charge or using it while hooked up, which results in a lot of heat that will wear down the battery a little bit faster.

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