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Looking for super affordable dual driver earbuds!

  1. miki8
    Hello everyone, 
    I`ve decided to buy new dual driver earbuds, so I thought this could be right place to get some help with choosing best sound for buck :)
    Please be aware that I have no technical knowledge, so I picked few earbuds below based on comments found on various sites:
    1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones - This model have bigger and smaller driver, which is by some comments very good since bigger one is powerful enough to deliver decent bass. Affordable models with two same-sized drivers seems to cause quite shallow bass.
    iRock A8 - These one have very nice comments regarding sound and they seem to me as very comfortable since body shape seems very organic and compact. Detachable cable seems like very nice feature!
    KZ ZN1 Mini - This model should be exactly the same as KZ ZN1, but without bulky amplifier. Comments about ZN1 are very positive, but I wonder does Mini version without amplifier sounds similarly well. 
    Monoprice Dual Driver - Although this model have positive comments about sound quality, I wonder how he compares to previous three models, since this one have two same-sized drivers. On large photos build quality seems pretty low.
    I hope someone will chime in with his opinions about these earbuds, or propose some other model that could be even better than those I posted. Thanx guys in advance :wink:
  2. tz0531
    Why are you specifically looking for dual driver IEMs? Just so you know, number of drivers is no guarantee of a specific sound signature or level of sound quality; there plenty of examples of single driver designs that outperform multi-driver designs.
    If you want a reputable source for what IEMs to choose based on sound signature, check out:
    The Headphone List is headed by ljokerl, who is a legend here at Head-Fi for reviewing literally hundreds of IEMs, so he knows what he's talking about.
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  3. miki8
    Thank you so much for your constructive post! Since Chinese earbuds are pretty affordable, I plan to buy more in future. For now, I would like to pick dual drivers so I can experience sound that comes out from that system.
    For later, I have an eye on models like Rock Zircon, Vsonic VSD1s and Meizu EP51 (those will be used for workout). 
    Cant wait for more comments on this subject :)
  4. Mr Head P Hones
    Check out the meeauido M/duo there a are a good option for the price.
  5. Mr Head P Hones
    Me electronics M duo that is LOL got to companies mixed up
  6. miki8
    Although they seem like great piece of audio equipment, they are way over my budget (currently on discount they are $49, normal price is about $79). 
  7. smy1
    KZ Zs3 and senfer 4 in 1
  8. miki8
    ZS3 is single 8mm driver and by some comments they are not giving their best with smartphones. With amp or with stuff like Fiio X3 they are shining.
    On other hand, Senfer 4in1 is awesome recommendation! I will look up for some reviews and comments :)
  9. Zackio

    I have the VSD1s and they are my to go iem at the moment!... Only thing that lacks is bass... Not a basshead iem for sure :) and microphonics arent that good either. But it comes with a shirt clip :)
  10. Asim lau
    Hey, it's not easy to be SUPER affortable. It all depends on what types and sound you are searching according to your experience.

    1- KZ dual driver headphones at $19.99

    2- 1MORE dual driver earbuds with $49.99

    3- Uiisii Dual driver headhpones with different options

    Of course you also can do a search on each of them and get many options about Best Dual Driver Earbuds.

    Hope to help you and good day.

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