Looking for suggestions on cans with 2k budget
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Sep 8, 2015
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Hey everyone, I am a big fan of this community so far. Had a good conversation about my preamp in another thread. Anyway, I was hoping to get some thoughts and or recommendations for some cans. I have a budget of about 2k or so new or used. I would say 70% of my music is rock (grunge, blues rock, alternative), 15% alt country, and the rest a mix of pop, R&B, and classical. My home system is very neutral and revealing; so with the cans, I'd like something accurate, but smooth. Cans that will make listening to rock fun and with low fatigue. I am certainly willing and planning to buy a headphone amp if my current headphone jack on my preamp can't push them well. My preamp that will be used is a McIntosh C2500. It's a tube preamp and also has a built in DAC.
The McIntosh’s overall tone is on the rich side of neutral, but never seems overly rounded at higher frequencies. There’s plenty of bite in the treble but a pleasing refinement too, which stops the preamp getting unnecessarily hard-edged even when the recording is. It definitely has a smooth well boded sound which is a nice match my my McIntosh MC452 amp and B&W 802D's. 
Any suggestions on what to be looking at? I do wonder if it is best to go with a more analytical headphone since the McIntosh is definitely on the warmer side. In my experience with speakers, the more laid back speakers can be a bad pairing with McIntosh gear as it can be too warm. Not sure if that would apply to headphones.
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I think you already started asking about this on an earlier thread.
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Personally I'd find a headphone that yoy like and build the setup arround that instead of trying to find a headphone that matches your amp. Headphones makes the biggest difference after all so the main focus should be on that IMO.

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